Tuesday, March 24, 2015

True to Skin

Hello Dears. I have been away for a while, have I ?
Well not that far, not that away I have to admit. But my mind was a bit occupied.
I chose to come back with one of my last photoshoot. Not anything related to something superficial as some fashion outfit for once!

Yes, I chose to put some non-censored photos !
I would never have done that before, but I am really in a new mood and this is not about proving something no; it is clearly about the control a woman should be able to have over her body and that's all.
I chose today to wear only my skin and what goes with it, the tattoos of course - because even if the morning I wake up and I don't see it, I know you fellows do !- it is great and relaxing ; being true about who and what you are sometimes.

I know I can be whoever I want, when I change clothes, make up and all I can really be testing loads of different personalities; but at the end of the day, if I drop into a bathtub I'll remain the same. Whatever happened during the week (or should I say week-end haha) when I'll put myself to bed I'll always be the same.
It's not really the most positive note I could start on again after a two months break over there but I am a sorrowful folk what can I do ! haha
No, seriously it's weird when you try to speak to people and they never get you. Sometimes you believe they will. And keep thinking they could... But they won't.
So you just want to let go and to show you the inside, the nudity of your heart which , come on, will be so much easier!

Special thanks : Margaux Pastor Photography;
Nils from ArtCorpus Paris for my last tattoo (first on my back in fact!)

All tattoos from original idea by Lorna. Make up by Lorna.


  1. nice tatto so beauty


  2. Wow, your tattoos are truly beautiful and so are you. These are great photos, it's nice to see something different sometimes.


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