Sunday, April 03, 2016

Pétales (uncensored version)

Hello pretties
If I let myself exposed so far that the world can read my mind and moods, I bet revealing my skin is not so intense for me.
I know that with all I've learnt about me, it is again related to my personality disorder, which I never described too much - because I think it's so obvious that I don't have to- but I still am doing, and searching for more extreme things to do.
I don't know why, and i's not always bad; but the fact is that when I do something it's always TOO much. Or! I just let it fall.
I've always been like that, when I was a kid I couldn't only read or draw for one moment it took all my concentration, or I just abandoned. Well, this is not what I want to draw your attention to it's just that I always believed when you're pulling away one petal from a flower then you just better pull it all off.
And I guess, I feel a bit like that.
Somehow, someone pull it all off from me.

Photo credits: Vincent Ducard




  1. You are so gorgeous! Love these photos

  2. Powerfully, movingly beautiful images. You are a vision, sweet Lorna.

    ♥ Jessica


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