Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blooming in my denim

Soon it will be two months. Two months I have been eating, sleeping, and helping myself on my own like a little warrior. Two months since I'm not around those white corridors anymore.
It seems like it was yesterday and in the mean time like it has been ages since then.
I have done so many things !
I've found myself a new job, well two new jobs, or more ... I can't count ! haha. I have been doing so many things that I feel very full of life now that's a good thing.
But I still have to remember to take things slow to be in peace.

So I thought those light colored pictures would match this mood well... It's from my hopeful set (yes I'm on now :o ) by Guena

Hope you'll like it !



Sunday, April 03, 2016

Pétales (uncensored version)

Hello pretties
If I let myself exposed so far that the world can read my mind and moods, I bet revealing my skin is not so intense for me.
I know that with all I've learnt about me, it is again related to my personality disorder, which I never described too much - because I think it's so obvious that I don't have to- but I still am doing, and searching for more extreme things to do.
I don't know why, and i's not always bad; but the fact is that when I do something it's always TOO much. Or! I just let it fall.
I've always been like that, when I was a kid I couldn't only read or draw for one moment it took all my concentration, or I just abandoned. Well, this is not what I want to draw your attention to it's just that I always believed when you're pulling away one petal from a flower then you just better pull it all off.
And I guess, I feel a bit like that.
Somehow, someone pull it all off from me.

Photo credits: Vincent Ducard