Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dark Night, Rosegal corsets and stuff

Hello Dears,

Here is a new quick wishlist from Rosegal.
I am very happy with my last purchases, so I've figured why not seek deeper in the website and look what fancy there is.
I found this cool satin nightgown (first picture above); and the following corsets dresses !

Link is underneath each product <3

And last but not least my favorite ! which okay I assume is not a corset but still <3

Love ,

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Set Fire to the Rain

Hello Dears,
It's august in Paris (okay that was a quick techno addict joke..) and it's raining since two days.
Give us back our sun please !
Although I'm not that disappointed because actually I can wear my favorite clothes : autumn winter ones.
Here is a little dress from Rosegal, I received my parcel quicker than I thought !
And the fabric is really thick I'm very happy about it !

Thanks to Karine Lopes for the photos !


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Red Carmin

Hello Dears,

Here is a little sneakpeek from the last order I received by Zaful !
I love this lingerie it's really comfy and arrived in a small cute pocket.
How are you these days ?
I'm starting a new med (agaiiin) but I believe it will be okay this time. I was really feeling down not vacillating so it's easier to treat medically speaking.
I'm not finished with the craving snacks at night but this will be a next step for me. I want to proceed slowly ...

Thanks to Zaful and Karine Lopes for the photos !


Friday, August 11, 2017

See Through Lingerie

See through lingerie and harnesses had became a lot trendy these days; on DressLily you can shop loads of cute lingerie and it's not expensive at all.
Have a little look at my wishlist !


1) first picture: The Babydoll lingerie

And you what would you choose ?

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Apple Follies

Hi Dears,

I hope your summer is going great. Cause mine was a bit chaotic... I don't even know if I want to talk about it. But clearly, a new era is coming.
Sometimes you feel very certain about some things and then "puf" *HARRY POTTER reference, i know*
I lost some people around me like every year ... I am tired about it.
I just want to protect myself from being hurt again. I'll open myself to few people and won't try to find new persons because I'm too scared. I'm scared of being afraid. The fear you got when you realize you have something and you can finally loose it.

Let's speak about something funnier now !
Those shoes ! Oh my god. I completely lost control when I tried them on. I had to own them haha.
They're the most confortable shoes I think I tried in my life.
Here's a little greenish look for you :

(my face is so funny right here, but I love the scene behind me !)


Dress from Episode  thrift shop
Asics Gel Lyte 5
Bag thrifted a while ago

Suede Lipstick by Nyx