Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pink Christmas.

Hi Dears !
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas ...
This is a quick , simple outfit post, just to remind that in Paris there is no snow and it's not so cold that I can even dare not to wear a scarf!
I had a very nice time with my family this year, it was a long time no see , and it feels like Christmas when there is some gathering like this.
I even opened my sock late but on Boxing Day with my aunt on Skype and tea time with my BFFs, a perfect christmas :)
& you ?

What I wear
My minimalistic shirt by Zara
Wool trousers by &Other Stories
Old Stans

Picture by Laetitia Petrelluzzi

Love for 2015 !

Thursday, December 18, 2014

And my eyes are damp from the words you left.

Hi Dears;
It's weird I was really ready to talk to you about something , I got all mushy mushy those days and that sucked. Why ?
I don't know.
I mean I think "it's life you know!" haha aka Slughorn from HP6 of course.
No seriously I was like THAT happy, and when I started realizing I could get into it like... really into it: I just freaked out.
Am I normal ? Is that how normal people behave ?
I don't know.
I just know that I want to protect my heart from being in pain again.

This is clearly very personal and I dared to write about it. Why ?
 I don't know. 
I think most people browsing blogs will stop two seconds and think "oh I like this outfit or "no ; dislike" and will continue browsing. 
And the persons who read under the lines will know how it is having something in mind and could not really get over it.
I mean I have no problem with anybody right now, I must reassure you; the only matter is in head.
Questionning yourself. This is way too tiring. And speaking of being exhausted I went out at the Sailor Jerry Xmas Paris Party on Monday didn't stay long but was very nice and fun !
I invited my Best Friend Lena that you can see below with my crazy itsfuckinghothere head on the picture.
She never met any of my acquaintances and now it's done so that made me smile .

Beanie from Urban Outfitters
Oversized Silk Shirt & Trousers &Wool Maxi Long Cardigan
Old Stans

silly faces dressed like we are playing in a very dramatic play hahaha
Photoshoot by Thiblaut Chasta / Picture from Sailor Jerry Party by Ten Days in Paris

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Cold Winter.

'No one knows what it means, but it's provocative'

Hello my Dears; I am so delighted that it's December ! I just a-do-re this month. Okay everyone guessed that it's all about Xmas right ?
So I know that in France most of us don't like that spirit beginning to be too much of a marketing product but seriously I just don't care, cause Jesus b-day or not, it is so my favorite celebration haha !
The tree, the biscuits, the warmth inside and cold outside, even the cup of tea tastes better in December ! And of course, the gathering - still when its number of attended people are going down with the years in your family , I know how it is... Christmas spirit still here and you can not escape its magic, haaaa love it.

 Yeah this me saying yummy to the fruits in front of me; btw; lol.

With my colleague Olivia (yes from the new store I work in!); we decided to pass through this little alley market where it was not at all Xmassy but to keep the magic going I will require you to imagine! Haha.
See like I'm feeling super funny and smiling these days... thinking : hoo what's gonna happen next ?
No well I have to say I am not always into a sorrow-mood, kind of i-always-think-about-the-world-general-issues all the time; I am also a very "living" soul !
But I know how smiles can hide problems underneath; well for the moment I feel just fine so let's keep it going shall we! ;)

About the look:

Maxi long cardigan from Zara
Maxi Jersey buttoned top from &Other Stories (I like to call it the astronaut PJs)
Monki Chekered Bermuda
Knee  High Socks from H&M
Adidas Superstar All White ordered on Schue
Oh and the Outdoor, as seen up above.

Oversized Coat from H&M
(Scarf Gift)
Wool Beanie & Rectangle Bag from &Other Stories
Fluffy inside Gloves from Urban Outf.

I may post something before Christmas but if I don't , as I'm not a freak-blogger, I wish you all a very merry Xmas folks! :*

 Pictures by Olivia K as Bergere Inrock

Monday, December 01, 2014

Make a wish. Take a train. Live and go. Then come back. And, do it again?


"But a: A thug changes and love changes
And best friends become strangers, word up"

Hi Dears! Yes I changed that much that even my playlist has been pimped and renewed...
That is so weird knowing that I was, or my ears were may I add; a rock addict: no really hip hop hater but not that far... Hun hun, now I have to admit I changed and grew , I should rather say; that I started to listen to Hip Hop music, (I mean it in general stuff that I wasn't able to listen to entire songs of that before...) and I think it is very much a good thing to enlighten and enlarge my hearing capacities !
From all rock roots, to blues, classical (mostly in Winter time - don't ask me why haha), country (mainly in summer time - still don't ask haha), and now some bit of US hip hop and even R'nb (omg this one I would neveeeer thought about earlier in time!

My teardrop gauge earring is from Pirate Piercing
My blush powder from &Other Stories (cf. Canvas Taupe)
Turtle Neck Knit Jumper from Zara
Boyfriend Low Waist from H&M
Burlington Socks from H&M
Adidas Stan Smith

Now I am aware and I know it's odd and perhaps more than only a few from you who dared to tell me what they think are: whether sad from the vintage going away and being that confirmed by this new playlist playing in my ears; or maybe only thinking that I am turning away from some interest I may had raised, but clearly let's be clear (redondance!): I am still the same.
You know why? It is not what apparel I choose or what social envelope I want to fit in that is changing me from the essence of my being...
No, I am still the same Harry Potter girl, who lives to laugh, who thinks a bit too much even for simple facts, who forgets her schedule (damn it Lorna) who wants to be back home before midnight and who chose to spend her B-day not in a big party where I could have hypothetically found a new lover, but rather stay with best friends speaking about anything and everything in a small restaurant where some Magician came to our table to do tricks! This I will always remain; in a 50s frock or in a pair of blue jeans.

But I believe that in a Life; you can live several ones. Just to build you up.
By the way, I had a very enjoyable Birthday thanks to everyone who had been there, and those who wished me a happy day on Insta !

I think it is one of the first times on the blog that you can see me with nearly "no" make up on ... 
Not too awful I hope! I like the fact that I "accept" my face when it's more resembling to what it is ; in real.

Oh and the outdoor outfit!
 (yes cause we do where a coat in Paris; those last week were warm but let's not extrapolate the temperature haha. And we do have a bag. Of course, we do.)
Coat H&M (it may be in sale now...)
Knot Bag from Zara

Photos by Gabrielle Malewski;
Hair, make up and Style by Lorna.
All right reserved, don't hesitate to contact for any request.