Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Petite banlieusarde

Hello Dears,

I was told by my mom that my cat that I had since I was a kid, had fallen really sick I knew that he was old but not like this ... According to her, he went in the woods where he liked to go and get lost , to get lost one more time to hide us how he died. 
My mom had the feeling it was his last days and he never left the house these days, but oddly this time he went away and she couldn't find him... 
I'm pretty sure as Jenny who felt that I was gonna move, my cat "N" was feeling something and did the best he thought about it... It's weird I know ! But that's my feeling.
Animals are so sensitive about things !

Anyway, so that made me think about my teenage hood in the suburbs where I lived, and when we moved in a flat and my cat always flee to the old house which was like.. well, I don't know but really far from our new neighborhood !  


Hat from Urban Outfitters; Reason
Dress & Socks from Monki
Vintage thrifted in le Marais; Adidas bombers

Photo by Pierre de Reimpré



Thursday, May 19, 2016

Teenage Dirtbag

Hello Dears,
It's been raining for what seems like a week here... So I figured a simple and warm outfit would be better than something too summer-y!
I feel stuck in the nineties with this one, love this feeling : I can pretend I'm one of the "oldest" at this time, but of course in the 90s I had some random clothes chosen by my parents...

I'm still in a very good mood I think I finally found some good balance between therapy and medication, and social life... And work, finally !
I will start working again at Dr Martens next week I'm very happy it's all I've been waiting for lately.

such a Willow from Buffy, necklace and sweater right ?


Sweater from Freep'star
Levis 501 from Mad Vintage Clothing
Vans Sk8-High
Bag back from H&M

Necklace from Brandy Melville

Speak soon


All pics by Lara Guffroy 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Wind & the Willow

Hello Dears,
Today has been a very crappy day in Paris with an awful weather: BUT; cause there's a but (no jokes here) I was in a good mood, released and fine for once. I thought this series will match well cause I'm like my hair just over there, swinging in the wind !
This last week was very sunny but it was awfully chaotic in my heart and I would have never thought that on a day like today, I could possibly feel better.
Like, where there's a will there's a way.

I've taken a smart decision (for once haha) not to talk too much on the internet, well of course here it is a bit limited but I was used to speak my mind for everything on Facebook and now I think I must be a bit more discreet. I know guys! my friends were always telling to shut up on this part haha.
Well, now I understand: like for real.
Plus, it was not very useful for a person like me, changing like a clock hand!


All clothes are thrifted in Le Marais, Paris
Freepstarz, Vintage Desire, Mad Vintage (not for this look):
is where you can find your gold!

The bracelets are from Primark they were around 2€ if you can get one go ahead!

I love the little bike sign under the brand name



All pics by Lara Guffroy

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Episode Noir

Hello Dears,

haha. I was very happy to shoot a more vintage set with Vincent Ducard. I no longer do vintage, for one simple reason ... I now find that I am too thin to wear the stuff that I used to!
BUT in this pencil dress, and a mix between rock, vamp, and retro I felt comfortable.
I think I'm gonna create more outfits like this, I want to feel highly fem when I'm in the role.
I'm not gonna give up what I raised inside me; with the new "boyish" style but clearly switching between both roles is making me happy and I am ready to fully enjoy it.


Dress from Asos
Repetto shoes
Perfecto Jacket shopped on Subdued

(oh and eyelashes from Ardell of course !)