Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Wind & the Willow

Hello Dears,
Today has been a very crappy day in Paris with an awful weather: BUT; cause there's a but (no jokes here) I was in a good mood, released and fine for once. I thought this series will match well cause I'm like my hair just over there, swinging in the wind !
This last week was very sunny but it was awfully chaotic in my heart and I would have never thought that on a day like today, I could possibly feel better.
Like, where there's a will there's a way.

I've taken a smart decision (for once haha) not to talk too much on the internet, well of course here it is a bit limited but I was used to speak my mind for everything on Facebook and now I think I must be a bit more discreet. I know guys! my friends were always telling to shut up on this part haha.
Well, now I understand: like for real.
Plus, it was not very useful for a person like me, changing like a clock hand!


All clothes are thrifted in Le Marais, Paris
Freepstarz, Vintage Desire, Mad Vintage (not for this look):
is where you can find your gold!

The bracelets are from Primark they were around 2€ if you can get one go ahead!

I love the little bike sign under the brand name



All pics by Lara Guffroy


Des Billets doux ?