Monday, June 23, 2014

Nos Ronces-Lilas.

Hi Dears,
I hope you are well. I Am not really I have to admit. My fiancée, from 5 years now, just left me, and I Am now single. Awful.
Of course, I miss her, but I have passed the phase of being total down, so be happy you wont see any depressive words around here !

I Am now holding to the fact of moving forward even if it is really hard. I know I can find someone that suits me, but the thing I Am now worried about is to find someone to whom I Am made for.
I Am indeed really sûre of the soûl mate part, Thats why it has been a shock for me.
To know that I have to let go.
How can I find someone into some vintage girl like me... Apart from guys and Thats not What I want so I feel like an Alien right now.
Dress: Mamzelle Swing, Paris Vintage Shop
Clutch: Kiloshop, Paris

Shoes: 1989 Vintage

Old jacket&brooch.

I promise next post Will be more cheerful, huh!
I'll be contacting the Winner from the last giveaway soon !


Sunday, June 15, 2014

GIVEAWAY! And, The Puppini Sisters Interview.

Once upon a Time , there were three girls... Emma, Marcella, and Kate. Three girls who miraculously appeared to be a band...
And came to spend their first jubilee in Paris, and most of all in le Balajo.
I already told a few words about this historical place last time, so let's focus on the girls.
And the Tea Party organized for their arrival (in the mean time than the Queen arrival, ndlr) !
We were only a chosen few to get here and take close pictures, interviews and stuff. 
Le Balajo welcomed us well, there were Kusmi Tea and boudoir biscuit...
I used not to like this kind of biscuit but there actually were gingerbread ones and those i pretty liked!
I could have done my shyness full girl but no, the Puppini Sisters were straightly nice to me, and started to chat about my tattoos so I reckon I should leave my interview Q&A a try.
I waited till all the Press magazines and Radio finished their business, then it was my turn.
But I'm glad they thought it was last but not least, as I made them laugh with my questions not so boring....

Me: As a hair stylist I wanted to know something. Did you actually matched your hair color on purpose or did you get along so Well that you even have a hair color close harmony ? 
(Do you have someone Who does your hair actually?)

The Puppini Sisters: Well, no all by ourselves... And I think we all chose naturally.
Kate: Yes, I think it's suits it all...

You own the retro musical personnalities these Days ... Which musical characters From our Days do you Love ? Hate ?
Emma: Kanye West! I think he's a simple genius. With his mind in the future. I adore his styling, music... Not attitude, but his music is so clever.
Marcella: I agree, and Pharell Williams! He is like a modern day prince, like a mix between Madonna and Bowie...
Kate: well, it's people like the Andrew Sisters you see they were really squeaky clean, so maybe a mix of that and something darker...

We listened a lot to your music in my last hairdressing salon ... Do you have a place where you hope you won't be played ?

Kate: Won't? Oh my god, not on Essex program... It is a terrible program it's like a fake reality show...
So, no! Not on crap Tv!

Okay so now I chose between two words... Your turn !
Vintage or Retro?

Marcella: Neither! Well not vintage for sure...
Kate: But we do call ourselves vintage Sweet pop!
Marcella: Vintagy? Somebody called us once, Retro Futuristic.
I, then, explained that the word I would choose is Vintage cause I find the word Rétro in French too much "tacky"...
Marcella: in England it's the other way round !

Heavy metal or r'n'b?

TPSisters: A mix between both!
Emma: R'n'B, R'n'B ...
Marcella: I would prefer Dirty Hip-Hop... Even like the Band , Die Antwoord, it is Hip Hop and it's Dark.
Kate: Well, I think it represents us well...
Marcella: she loves Heavy Metal!
Kate: That's right!
Emma: Then I have to say I love Nine Inch Nails... (Me too!) the bassist is my favorite, he's fantastic.

Morning people or nightlife ones?

TPSisters: We 're all morning!
Emma: And I'm also a night one... (Tired look)

Cat person? Dog person?

Kate: Cats! i have two new little kitten at home...
Emma: Dog, of course.
Marcella: neither... i'd rather have a snake.

And to end this Q&A... A Dream Wish?

Marcella: I always wanted to live La Boheme... Like living in a loft in Paris, singing...
(This is not La Boheme Marcella it's la Belle Vie! I add)
Emma: being a Pop Star. But at a ridiculous Level.
Kate: exactly the same.

They were really accessible and kind , I'm glad I met them. They made me smile cause they said I looked a lot like Kelly Brooke and Zoey Deschanel... Third Time of the week, weird! I told them goodbye and they admit I was their favorite person of the party. I blushed.

The Puppini Sisters

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dry and Dusty.

Hello Dears!
I melt two topics into one post today. 
First outfit, a mix of few vintage like (or real vintage) brands I love.
Again, this dress is usually worn with a petticoat but here I didn't wanted to put one, as I think you should see its natural shape, which is really a nice fit.
Only, I might add I forgot a belt.
Shouldn't tell, but I clearly see it's missing now ...
That little shop window is great antique , don't you think ?
Dress and scarf: GoGoVintage in Etsy
Shoes : Repetto
Tapestry Kitten Bag by Purrfect Kat

And if you loved the kitty bag from the French Vintage Etsy shop, its lovely owner Kat gives my Reader a special discount code! -15%
Tote Bag Design Tiny Miss Becca Tattoo, one of my fave Neo trad tattoo artist.
If you love the Neo trad style, she is great and you can find her at Jayne Doe Tattoo, Essex UK.

Last vintage crush, What Katie Did. I started buying suspender belt and stockings at WKD because it is very good quality. I should do one special review on them soon cause they treat lingerie so well.
Stockings by What Katie Did.

Then, Second Outfit ! I wore a coral and white Fifties dress from HerNameisRita dressing (not creation) to my PressDay at the Balajo, Paris.
It always was a dancing place since 1935.
All wooden , they haven't change a thing inside and the disposition remains really retro.
Only the painting have been restored.
It was a meeting between bloggers , press and the Puppini Sisters.
I was delighted to meet Laurence and Sylvain from Lost in the 50s, who are really nice and interesting people to talk to... And the Puppini Sisters ! They were adorable.
I will prepare a little interview for you guys in a next post.

Hope you enjoyed both topics !
If you have any questions, project, collaboration let me know and ring the bell!

Hairstyle by Cherry Crown & Photos by Apolline Durouchoux

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

I'm a 90s , B!tch.

This shoot is so different of what I use to do! It's tooo trendy for me, oh my god look I even have Stan Smith.
Well the thing is that these Stan are actually quite old but well conserved... I use to wear them at high school.
With that perfecto fake-leather jacket! Yeah, that's right I have stuff that never change and never leave my wardrobe that I keep loving and wearing in fact.

So speaking of this high school era, the bag is new but it was exactly tucked the way I use to wear it.
I've begin familiar with handbag a lot later then...

Old Perfect Jacket Faux Leather H&M
Backpack Bag Zara

You thinking, well well 90s Stan 90s wall perhaps what about the dress?!
I do believe it has some 70/80s look as it is fluid and loads of buttons.
But even it may have been designed in the late 80s, my Mom was actually wearing it... When she was pregnant... I can't even realize where she might have hidden me in her belly cause the dress is even a bit tight for me NOW so...
As I'm not pregnant, there is some kind of magic happening here!
Stan Smith, Adidas
Plug Earring from Crazy Factory

Actually , I just received a deep more vintage order from Etsy in my letter box and if you are lacking of early circas next to this post you can find lovely items onto my friend Jessica Cangiano's online shop for Chronically vintage. It was all nicely wrapped and all... I just adore to receive this kind of mail !

Photos by Gabrielle Malewski