Monday, May 29, 2017

Minnie Mouse

Hello Dears !

I really wanted to show you this outfit : it was one of my regular ones from this spring. It's actually truly hot here now in Paris but anyway!
This sheer armed shirt and vinyl jacket were thrifted in a big thrift shop/bazar we have here so no link needed ... But ! for the comfy trousers they were shopped in Pull&Bear and it changed my life haha.

When I used to have the retro look few years ago I couldn't bear wearing jeans or trousers and now I simply notice that you can still keep some vintage touch ... even without a dress or skirt !
Yes, I might have been narrow-minded..

The shoes are also bought from a friend , so indeed apart from the jeans : this is recycling ;)

I'm wearing the Too Faced palette on my eyes/ Limecrime matte lipstick/ Hema nail laquer

I had so much fun during this photoshoot ; thanks to Graziella:
She's in Paris <3


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer MUST HAVE by Zaful : bohemian dresses and pineapple swimsuit !

Focus on the bohemian dresses, because...
It's important to be elegant during summer, and for me it can be difficult !
I always preferred winter as you can put loads of layers and make some cool composition. So I always end up with some summer clothes, too hot, or too cheap only stuff you can wear at the beach ! 
On Zaful, you can find some really affordable stuff. There's plenty of things about swimwear too.

I'm really looking forward to receive my parcel.

* The perfect vintage-like bohemian dress for your summer nights
* The must-have summer kimono; pale yellow for the pastel lovers !

 Play with the bohemian look with these rad dresses !

And if you need some swimsuit , they have really cool design... I completely loved the pineapple collection : just have a look <3

Have a look and please yourself on Zaful dears !



Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bourdelle and Balenciaga

Hello Dears,
a very easy post only to say that I went to this cool exhibition about the Black tone of Balenciaga's work. It was settled at le Musee Bourdelle Paris 15eme, which was the location of Antoine Bourdelle sculptures in the early 1900.
I ALWAYS  wanted to visit it , but as I'm way too much self-centered: going outside of my confort zone was a no thanks... But on Tuesday I went there with my new (perfect ?) girl and the weather was so nice, we really appreciated the moment.
I should note that this museum is for its biggest part of its art , outside. so if you don't know what to do and you want to see some art while the sun is shining: go on !
Apart from the exteriors which were splendid I thought; there are also some indoors rooms.
 The Balenciaga exhibition fitted so well inside one of them cause it was in the darkest room and the black tone of both works ... matched very well.

some lights playing on the blackness of the statues and the blackness of shades

so my girlfriend is only one big denim jacket as you can see haha

this was the most ancient costume of the exhibition , a theater dress robe of the 1940s 

Thats all for now !
Leaving you with the magnificent horse statues from Bourdelle 


Sunday, May 07, 2017

Tight blue jean

Hello Dears,

I swear I won't speak about politics ! In France , we're currently having this time we all think about this one topic even though we don't want to. It's like this inevitable thing. Like you may not know about Frozen // La Reine des Neiges but this you cannot hide from. And you cannot have no opinion on it.
Or, I don't think you do. 
Anyway, I said I won't speak about it. Let's just continue on me, myself and I as I always do haha.
I said I gain some weight, I'm not sure it's a "gain" but I do fill my jeans like .. enough now !
I was a size 32 in 2015 (xxs or UK 4) 36 in september 2016 (which is a size small or UK 8) and I'm now a little 40 (12 omg).
I don't know how fast this fat could have grown into my body but I'm pretty it is because of my job : let's complain about it a bit, would you !
I don't move a lot it's pretty static and it is in a commercial area where cheap food are good but not good as in healthy ...
I don't run anymore , I thought I would with my dog but I'm actually always tired and only walk him out...
I blame myself , a bit. But I actually missed my hips and bum ! I can wear some pin up clothes again ...
I knew I had to keep some of my stuff !
My style has evolved but it always comes back to black and retro ; I think it's coherent. No ?


Cardigan Monoprix
Polo from H&M
Vintage skirt from Episode
Tights from Asos

Brooch from Six (old)

Dr Martens Pascal Black Soft Buck limited edition

Thanks to my accurate photographer Virginie Zilbermann !

Speak soon ;
Lots of Love