Sunday, April 20, 2014

Two Weeks in a Virginia Jail.

'Two weeks in a Virginia Jail.
Twenty thousands dollar bail for my lover, for my lover.'

I'm sorry to write Only some sorrowful things these days but getting conscious everyday you can lose someone whose at the bottom of your foundation, of your being; its tough.
No, I dont mean to sob on my blog, I just dont want to pretend I'm so cool and calm and all, writing this one, because i know There have been and Will be better days.
I hope the next one, I Will tell you everything is fine Again. No doubts. No unbearable distance.
Just LOVE.
From two entities, who don't struggle everyday to be only one ... When it's not possible.

This title was regarding the outfit which made me think of a wedding day outfit. For a guest of course !
No, immaculate White is the Bride-to-be privilege... Although, I am not fond of cliche and whether you even like marriage at all, it has something in the atmosphere about it.
So clearly matching my lines about Love.

Dress by Purrfect Kat
Tights and RoseHair Accessory H&M, Socks Bershka
Shoes by Tapouillon Vintage
Gloves by the Pretty Eccentric Design
(My most recent purchase I love them!)
Bag thrift Born Bad Retro Clothing

Thanks to my photographer Lucile Perron :399Persephone so nice meeting her.
Hair by Cherry Crown.

Happy Easter in Roses, everyone !

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I'd wish these days come back to the ones when I felt so happy in yellow clothes, the ones I felt close to the sun.
Its warmth, holding me strong , like I were the only one to deserve happiness even when I know I had bad times.
I'd like her to hold me this way again.
I don't want to start missing her love.
I tell you all of this but maybe it's no right.

But this is how I feel these days and I so want to shout it out.
Have you encountered this yet in your relationship ? A moment when your perfect and mature couple show a failure?
You never figure out when it will happen.
I so wish We will be alright.

Vintage Jacket by Etsy seller: BoloVintage
Topshop High waisted jeans
Zara Baby blue Heels, and mustard CityBag

Earring by Edgy Sister

Please do tell my favorites etsy sellers you came from me, they'll be glad!

Hair by Cherry Crown of course, and photos by Lara Guffroy.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

That colour, between Sky and Earth.

Hello Dears , as you start knowing me you should know that I love mixing items, and stuff that doesn't really belong together. I always tend to have some kind of harmony, and atmosphère though, but I like to prove that There is no Only Rockabilly in the Vintage Mood.
I wear this 60s jacket, which is why its not at all fitted around my waist not as a 50s jacket, but I like how its large and then melt on my hips and skirt.
Of course, its not the slimmest silhouette I could create but I love the combo of it.
I also add this little 50s , stewardess style hat, which I found fantastic as it reminds me something more oriental.
I Will end on mentionning the shoes and socks which are my mark of the 90s...

A bit like a following to my last article, I wanted to keep the veggies among us and theme around this bag With fake fruits. Makes me want to picnic like when I was a kid, even my butt was always itching While I sat on the grass ! So I Finally mixde it With the buildings (lovely ones) you can discover in Tiny lanes in Paris.

Outfit is composed of:

Hat: Etsy Seller  Julie B. From FabGabs
1960 Jacket: Parisian Rétro Clothing store, BornBad
Floral shirt: Asos
Fifties style skirt: BettiePage by Tatyana
Bag: Etsy Seller My Vintage Cocktail
Socks: Topshop
T-bar Flat shoes: Ebay

Brooch by SilkPurse

Styling/Make up/Hair by me, for more Hairstyles Check out CherryCrown.
Thanks to my photographer Apolline Durouchoux for this series !