Sunday, April 13, 2014


I'd wish these days come back to the ones when I felt so happy in yellow clothes, the ones I felt close to the sun.
Its warmth, holding me strong , like I were the only one to deserve happiness even when I know I had bad times.
I'd like her to hold me this way again.
I don't want to start missing her love.
I tell you all of this but maybe it's no right.

But this is how I feel these days and I so want to shout it out.
Have you encountered this yet in your relationship ? A moment when your perfect and mature couple show a failure?
You never figure out when it will happen.
I so wish We will be alright.

Vintage Jacket by Etsy seller: BoloVintage
Topshop High waisted jeans
Zara Baby blue Heels, and mustard CityBag

Earring by Edgy Sister

Please do tell my favorites etsy sellers you came from me, they'll be glad!

Hair by Cherry Crown of course, and photos by Lara Guffroy.


  1. I hope all will be sunshine and yellow for you once more doll...a big hug to look so very your eyes. This jacket is gorgeous, love this look on you. Have a great Sunday. Kizzy Xxx

  2. oh la la, you look so good wearing yellow, you know! you may be not so sure about that and not feel very confident but you do look good <3
    i just followed your blog cus you're very beautiful and have amazing sense of style ( sorry i'm not very good at leaving comments ://)

  3. Love the shoes!


  4. This jacket looks so good with the simple blue jeans! <3

  5. That colour looks as stunning as the sun itself on you, sweet dear. Yellow + crisp white + denim blue feels fresh, springtime perfect, and so very vibrantly energetic in a polished way (if that makes sense) here. Awesome styling and beautiful photographs, too, may I add. Wowza! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I love your outfit, vintage and pin-up. Check my blog.

  7. Beautiful; I love the yellow & baby blue combination!

  8. I love the outfit! The jeans look amazing such a good fit,and the heels are awesome,


  9. Cette veste est géniale: rétro, classique... Intéressante à styliser! Très bonne idée de l'avoir associer avec le jean pour justement casser le côté classique xx

  10. This jacket is absolute perfection and super stunning. I have been looking for a yellow jacket for ages and I really want this one.


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