Sunday, January 26, 2014

Feeling sleepy.

Hey guys !
Simple post, to tell that I Am so tired even the week end is over and I should be resourced , and refreshed...
Well, no.
I wasn't feeling so well Saturday, maybe a little cold and sleepless, but I struggled as I went to work tired...
First shoot, then second shoot, and I felt so dumb to tell People I don't really know much, things like 'don't worry even if I'm tired I'll be there, I won't let you down.' You see, I think when people met someone who automatically seems weak they push the button too deep. -it's a French phrase so I don't know if it sounds funny-. So there I was, wanting so hard to go to sleep, and the team asking me oh one more hairstyle, and one more , blablabla.
I won't mention who they are cause that doesn't matter. And they do a really awesome job.
I'm pretty sure you guys will like the pics when they ll be out, on Cherry Crown by Lorna Facebook page.
That was a tiny but so last thing in my life being so weak I didn't want to take position. Arriving at the fifth (surprisingly) hairstyle I said no.
And sometimes, saying no FEELS GOOD !
You gain respect, cause you re no more this little weak person who's torment apart without saying a word.
Anyway, just this to say that tomorrow will be Monday , I'm still tired and a new week is beginning ...
Cheers up everybody, alle ist gut !

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kenley Collins.

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas Kenley Collins est une désigner américaine branchée vintage et rétro, et ce qu'elle fait est vraiment très, mais alors dire très-très , c'est même pas assez, beau.
J'adore les motifs, les coupes de ces vêtements, enfin bref elle a un style certain et en plus elle est adorable.
J'ai reçu pour mon anniversaire, il y a quelques mois maintenant une combinaison à roses, je la trouve juste splendide mais bien que ça ne se voit pas tellement en photo... Ce n'est pas tellement pas taille.
Yes, Thats it I'm more than an M than an S.
Vous pouvez donc shoppez sur ebay en vous gardant des frais de change et de lointaine destination, cette magnifique combi, pour laquelle je verserais une larmichette si j'arrive à la vendre mais bon c'est comme ça , mon but n'est pas de mincir mais plutôt de faire du vide dans l'armoire !

If you too want to shop and buy my own Kenley Collins come around here.

Thanks Clara Ferrand for the photos.

Oh and guys, I just add this Join my site widget so for my Reader's you can now click on it, its simplier I guesś...
Yeah took me long Before I drop it on the blog I know -_-

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Underground roses, Outfit #2

Underground Roses,

Photo by Amandine Adrien,
Setting: City Art by Vico & Elo, Paris
Hair by Cherry Crown and City Art
Dress by Collectif Clothing
Shoes from Repetto 
Cardigan & Tights: Zara
Necklace: Vintage

Thinking of an other outfit to suit the gloves I just adore !

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent. Movie Review

(Traduction française ci dessous)

Saturday I went to the movies, to see Yves Saint Laurent "biography" film.
At first, I was really enchanted by it! because His work is clearly wonderful and you can straightly feel that he was an artist.
Pierre Niney, interpreted his role so well, even though it's not him, I think it's comparable to la Mome, with Cotillard and Edith Piaf. They re not the same person, but it seems at they're owning the whole character thorough the film, and that's so convincing.
I had glitter in the eyes seeing the dresses, the creation, and the catwalk, remembering the pretty Paris and everything.
Charlotte Le Bon is also a really talented model, as she played the part of YSL's muse while she suits and tries on the new pieces of his collection.
I could really feel the sensation of stress, of self-gratitude, and amount of work which had come to an achievement while these parts of the movie. It reminds me steps of learning hairstyling I believe.
In a word, this has really touched me and I was proud to see it on screen.

Cause there is clearly a but. No game words here, but I could.


But if your curious about my review, go on.
Clearly I won't tell everything about it, but what ruined it for me was that there is too much time spent describing his lifestyle, as he was a junkie and focusing on his sexuality. I obviously knew he was gay, but speaking as a gay woman, well... Intensifying those moments are a bit tricky, because we do not usually see it often in a movie that's why if they reveal some uncomfortable feeling, people who don't know a thing about gay people will say "that's harsh , it's how all the gay behave". I'm speaking of the case, in France, where they are plenty of homophobics it's a bit tricky cause those people will take one case for a generality. And this annoys me.
I don't want silly and narrow minded people think because of only one movie: oh gay people are like this: unfaithful, and sex addict. It reminds me La vie d'Adele where critics were only built on this representation an actual case for everyone gay women.
They should remember , people are afraid of what they don't know... That's why I was disappointed, feeling that these moment were pointing out really clear, and not as much as what I was expecting: his work.

 I loved how Pierre Niney, mimic him so well.
 And Charlotte,splendid !
 The Mondrian dress, classic ! He also was this creator of androgyny with the woman smoking suit, which even though this touches more my fiancé than myself, I think it's shows genius.

Au début, j'étais carrément enchantée par ce film.
Le travail d'Yves Saint Laurent est clairement magnifique et vous pouvez le ressentir au premier coup d'œil. Il était un artiste.
Pierre Niney, interprète son rôle à merveille, même si ce n'est pas lui YSL, je pense que l'interprétation est comparable avec celle de la Môme, entre Cotillard et Piaf. On sent qu'il possède son rôle en entier durant tout le film et c'est si convaincant.
J'avais des paillettes dans les yeux lorsque je vis les robes, la création, les défilés, et le joli Paris de jadis.
Charlotte le Bon est aussi une modele très talentueuse, lorsqu'elle interprète la muse d'YSL et se change pour enfiler les nouvelles pièces de sa collection.
Je pouvais entièrement ressentir le stress, le fait d'être content de soi, et de l'aboutissement du travail mis en œuvre pour en arriver là, pendant ces parties du film. Je pense que cela me rappelle les étapes à l'apprentissage de la coiffure.
En un mot, cela m'a vraiment touché et j'étais fière de le voir sur grand écran.

Mais... Car oui il y a un "mais".

Si vous ne l'avez pas déjà vu et comptez le voir, NE LISEZ PAS CECI JE NE VEUX PAS TOUT SPOILER!
Mais si vous êtes plutôt curieux, allez y.
Je ne dirais pas tout, mais ce qui a pas mal gâcher le film à mon sens était qu'il y avait vraiment trop de passages décrivant sa façon de vivre sa vie qui finissait en debauche totale, entre sexe et drogue. Je savais, et on le comprend bien, qu'il était gay, mais en tant que femme gay moi même, et bien ... Je dirais qu'intensifier les moments dits "intimes"c'est assez risqué, de même que gratuit... Car on n'en voit pas souvent , du moins pour ma part, et si ces derniers révèlent des ressentis inconfortables, chez certains, les ignorants du monde gay se feront une joie de cataloguer pour dire "c'est Trash, et c'est comme ça que les gays doivent se comporter".
Je dis cela car en France, il y a tellement d'homophobes et que c'est ce que cette gratuite d'intensité va suggérer. Et ça m'énerve.
Je ne veux pas que des personnes stupides et fermées d'esprit pensent à cause d'un seul film qu'ils aient vu: oh les gays sont comme cela; infidèles et sex addict.
Cela me rappelle La Vie d'Adele ou on n'a parle des lesbiennes, seulement du point de vue démontrés des parties Trash du film. Et ce n'était pas une représentation valide pour chaque femme homosexuelles.
Ces réalisateurs devraient se rappeler, les gens ont peur de l'inconnu ...
C'est pour ça que j'étais déçue, car ces moments étaient bien pointes du doigt mais pas autant que ceux que j'attendais du film: les parties mentionnant son travail.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rétro Streetstyle. #1

OOutfit of a rainy day in Paris.
Pictures by Amandine Adrien

Little birdy plaster cause I cut my Finger the other day !

Coat and suit from Tara Starlet
Shoes by Repetto
Tights by Topshop
Bag and gloves By Zara.

Excuse my non hairstyle because of the rain ...

Umbrella from Lisbeth Dahl

Cheers for watching ,

Thursday, January 09, 2014

SheInside Review

Hi dears ,
Today I'm going to review something I was not really happy about. Sometimes it happens!
Well I'm not proud to have let myself buying clothes on a sort of Chinese made clothing, I know.

But I think when I love a picture of a dress that I really want to own I cannot stop myself !
Stupid I guess.

Anyway, in the parcel that arrived yesterday morning; I had two lovely dress ordered.
One really nice, houndstooth and velvet, which I m looking forward to shoot so I can show you how it's like.
And the other one... Well, too tight firstly and well... Not finished ! The sewing wasn't complete, there were threads everywhere, the little pearls on the collars could have fallen in a second.
I'm not angry or upset because I know, now I won't let myself get trapped in something like that anymore. I know, I should have let my feelings about vintage ad to only buy some quality clothes that last in time, and not some sort of material in which if you come close to a candle you burn fully ! 
Haha, no seriously, I was a bit disappointed cause the dress seems nice on the website...

Dresses from SheInside

Come on, it had horses on the bottom ! ... :(

Suited well my hair and make up of the day, this one... :)

And you what are you ashamed of buying these days?

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Vintage Lesson for the pretty Hair

Hello from 2014, everyone!
(French translation )

First new thing I could add to my résumé , is that I just turned into Pr. Lorna !
It was clearly not something easy to do.
I knew I was not the kind of person into all this teaching stuff, most of all being patient with the other, I almost manage everyday to be patient with myself, Hairstyling is all about it. But no, definitely being patient with someone else you know, it's rather more difficult than what we could imagine.
Because, you think that even what you can do is a bit tough, you never guess that it's hard enough to consider yourself gifted, with what you can do.
So, it turns out that it made me took a bit more confidence, something I could not let it pass.
And after all, it was a really great first experience.

I now, I used to but not as I do today, totally respect teachers ! It's also a gift in a way...

Nouvelle chose que je pourrais ajouter a mon Cv, en cette nouvelle année c'est que je me suis transformée en prof...
Ce n'était pas facile.
Je le savais déjà que j'étais pas quelqu'un de pédagogue, surtout se montrer patient avec autrui, c'est déjà assez de pouvoir l'être avec moi même et ..bien.. La coiffure c'est énormément de patience.
Mais du coup, cela s'est montre même plus dur que ce que j'imaginais.
En fait, même si je ne prends pas pour la meilleure du monde en coiffure, on ne réalise jamais vraiment la différence d'un métier qu'on maîtrise avec quelqu un qui y est novice.
Donc , tant mieux c'est un point ou cela me rapporte un peu de confiance en moi et je n'irais pas jusqu'à la refuser :)

Mais c'était surtout une super première expérience. Maintenant, bien qu'avant aussi, mais aujourd'hui tout particulièrement j'eprouve un grand respect pour les professeurs.

Not everyone can do it.
Being in front of everyone, standing alone, talking out loud (and enough loud so everybody can hear you!), answer to everybody but one at a time, and deal with the less motivated... Wow.

Pas tout le monde n'y arrive.
Être en face de tout le monde, rester debout et parler bien fort (je pense qu'on ne m'entendait pas au début...) répondre à chacun mais l'un après l'autre, et faire face à ceux un peu moins intéressés par ce que vous racontez... Wow.

So thanks to Ewa Cieszkowska the photographer of the end of the Atelier, Dita Make Up teaching the Makeup lesson, and the other pinup clothing saleswomen guests and all the students, everything was possible and I enjoyed this intense day.

Of course , you can stare at my little feet in my flats but I really wanted to be cool in shoes, I could be steady and standing all day long.

Soon, a streetstyle Blog post I was willing to show you :)


Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 Plans

(English translation Underneath)

Des résolutions ?
Malheureusement je n'en ai pas tellement... Je peux pas me dire d'arrêter de fumer ou autre vice, car croyez moi ou non je ne fume pas, je ne bois pas, la nourriture ne me pose (i hope) pas de problème . Mes yeux fonctionnent toujours à moitié mais ils sont là, et je fais un métier qui me passionne.

D'ailleurs voici un shoot que j'aurais du vous publier depuis un bout de temps, j'aime tellement ce type de streetstyle.

I must tell the fringe was hard to get rounded as the haircut of the model is really punk-like !

The team is Jerome Dantelespagnol photographer,
Model is Marine DL,
Assistant Photo is Sophie Boss,
Hair by Cherry Crown.

Do I have some better resolution to hold this year ?
I dont really, I cannot say I will quit smoking or something else, cause I just don't drink, don't smoke, I don't have a problem with food, living with a vegeterian is enough healthy. My eyes keep working , halfly, but still they re here, and I got a work that makes me happy.

So what else ?

What else, well I profoundly want to move out of France..maybe one day not far from now, all this could be possible. Who knows in 2014 maybe ?

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

First day of the Year

STUPID as it sounds, I'm gonna talk to you about some stuff used for the 31st of December. But anyway, you could even use it for any other occasion.

Ça paraît un peu stupide dis comme ça mais voici mes vernis fétiches du 31 Déc. Qui sait une autre occas' pourrait d'annoncer où vous suivrez mes conseils ;)

Dark purple With strass, vernis Kiko
Vous remarquerez que je me suis amélioré à la technique du nail art de la dernière fois.
Allez faites moi plaisir...

The Green strass one I used for Christmas ;)

And my roots nail color by American Apparel,
La touche de rose est signée American Apparel :)

Enjoying a lovely dinner meal all cooked by my beloved

My faux bang hairstyle of the 31st, when we were supposed to go ice skating...
I hate when it's not snowing in Dec, here !

How was yours guys?
Comment etait votre reveillon?