Sunday, January 29, 2017

A col fermé ne peut laisser paraitre corsage

Hello Dears

I just made up a french phrase and I'm pretty sure no one noticed... haha. I feel like I tend to be more creative those days but the bad side of that is that I had a down episode coming back again.
I've been told it happens a lot around the end of January , because it's the most depressing weeks of the year.
In my case, it's just not that easy with money and sentimentally I had a crush which has no future so I basically have to pull off my feelings and block everything inside.
I thought I was done with that but obviously no. Obviously, in society when you try to seduce (not always as a flirting mode) you always have to hide your impulsive manners and being this inhibited well, it makes me feel like drowning.
And it has been a week and I'm still with a cold and heavy heart.

I don't want to be like all about complaints it's just that sometimes, most of the times it's tiring.
Yu know, when you tell yourself "can I just be normal for a second please ?"

Bombers jacket from Dr Martens
Sandro tunique
Wool trousers from &other stories
Chunky creeps from Urban Outfitters

And of course : Glasses from Lunettes pour Tous (french eyewear discount -- no siblings with la Manif pour Tous i guess ugh!)

Un grand merci à la jolie Virginie Zilbermann pour ces photos !