Sunday, May 25, 2014

Everybody's Blues.

'I'm gonna have a good time, travel all the world I see
I'm singin' everybody's blues, 'cause everybody's down on me'

Johnny Winter

A glimpse of an early 60s starlet? The Cadillac is missing?
Nope ! This is the image, according to me of actresses , of stars and starlets.
Now , I've been lately into a nest of stars ... In fact, I've been spying on them during my trip to Cannes for the Festival ...
(Just so you know those pics have been shot in Paris not Cannes, though)


Summer Blouse from StutterinMama, Etsy
Midi Skirt (Topshop) from Ebay
Heels by Zara
Head Scarf from Paperdolls boutique, Paris
Sunglasses from Mango (old)

When I say spying it is sarcasm. I couldn't do such a thing. My fiance and I , wanted to do like everybody There, cause of course, to see a familiar face is always funny!
But when I look at the Way people "enchained" their stepladder Well ... I just cant fit into the crowd. I mean, people are mad , right ? 
Are They thinking : we're Gonna steal their ladder to see celebs better than them? Or yelling the celebrities names will succeed in an answer such as "oh cool you recognize me?So how 'bout we'll have a drink together?"

I am not blaming them because seriously it is funny to glance at this crowd. But I don't is just weird.
It 's like humans were supposed to live in a total heriarchy. There is What we can call the legal heriarchy, like respecting your parents or even notice some autorities around us. So, why adding some more?
I dont know. Why can't we just stay at the first level:
"Oh interesting person, I like this guy." And then that's it.
Maybe because humans are passionated by nature.
Well, that brings Hope.
I believe.

Anyhoo, Cannes was a great trip and I enjoyed the stay. I had so Many cliché in my head about this part of South-France but it was actually fantastic.
I even even put some photos on my Instagram, if you wanna drop by.

Flat Loafers thanks to the Blogger Typhaine Augusto

Aren't they perfectly cute ? I think so!

Photos by Gabrielle Malewski , Hairstyle by Cherry Crown

What about you? Have you ever visited a place you believed you'll dislike...
 And then, total-travel-crush ?


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flowers Over the Tower.

Dress by Zara (old)
Coat by SomeLikeitVintage, Etsy

Hat by My Vintage Cocktail, Etsy
Gloves by Roses&Ruins, Paris

The first shoes are the little pimps heels (With that matching sublime 60s coat) from Tapouillon Vintage as i mentionnes in early posts.
But I really wanted you to see the second part of the shoot With that touch of yellow on my feet.

What I wear in "real Life"?
Sneakers (yes yes always have my sneakers with my 50s dress when I'm working!), heels, flat shoes as loafers... But Never ballerinas... When the Blogger Slanelle proposed me these one I was enchanted by their différent look from everydays ballerinas. But now I remember why I Never wear some. Because it kills my toes, and I Still Wonder why !
But anyhoo for the details : 

Shoes are Vivienne Westwood, Mélissa from Anglomania
I cannot wear ballerina (this was my last try...). But these beauties needs a home!
You can shop them here.

Photos and walk in Paris With Betty Gaiss.

And to finish ... I now have the name of the Winner from the Giveaway!
Emma Watson I Will be sending you a comment soon to get in touch With you for the next step.
Thanks everyone for all your lovely words, it always goes straight to my heart.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Her Royal Tilt.

Somebody told me that this combo of colours was something related to our British Queen or in some way some traditional British colours.
I may admit I didn't know about this but anyway it kind of fit with what I wanted to expose today.
I expected this post to be vintage and retro as "usual" cause I know myself well but I mainly wish to give the impression of a female Robin Hood character thanks to my green tilt hat... Don't know about you , but to me it's exactly what I can imagine !
Robin Hood was a character spreading the idea of freedom, fighting for peace like so many other. Even contested sometimes I want to embrace a similar role towards feminism.
This word so altered and denied is a simple step to face reality or should I say inequality.
I don't want to be only for one gender type, please do not get me wrong. I am not even trying to tell this to blame men. No, that will definitely be the opposite.
I wish to be feminist and to blame women. Why ? Because I think , there is still so much to progress and it shameful than some of this evolution is paused because there is some women who don't want to think about it and who think they're happy like they are.
It is because of you: Old woman who thinks that's only the way we use to do. It is because of you: Young Pin-up girl who thinks old was good so it's normal to be a good "housewife" and to be proud of the name. It is because of you: The lady who only dresses in Gray, black, or in Summer White maybe. The good length of a skirt will be under or just above the knees but that's all.
I wouldn't try to be too good at work because anyway I will have kids one day.
I am a good person because I am a teacher, a doctor or anything if only I could tag myself.

Outfit is:
Hat: by Cindy, from the Vintage Hat Shop
Blouse: from a Rétro Party I attended recently, the Blogger Slanelle was thrifting her wardrobe !
Skirt: Sweetbeefinds, lovely Etsy Seller !
 (Plus, I wear no Petitcoat , it is great was it has a good shape from the start)
So Women , I know being the "firsts" to do something I know it's hard. But please do what you want to do. And think. Think of what YOU really want.
Do not hide behind something. Behind a style, a job, a husband, a wife, parents, children, people and fake ideas. 

Shoes: My Touch of Pink from Tapouillon Vintage
Coat: this Summer Sixties Coat is Amazing , isnt it? From SomeLikeitVintage shop.

Photos from Betty Gaiss. Hairstyle from Cherry Crown.

And don't Forget about the previous giveaway it'll stop next thursday !

Saturday, May 10, 2014



I'm so delighted to announced my first giveaway contest.
I'm giving these beauties to please someone else, I cannot wear them unfortunately.
They're a EU 37 so that means its a UK 4 and a US 6,5.
I open this giveaway to each country, where There is a girl willing to participate.

The process is simple all you have to do is to be a follower of this blog.
 (not Google+but the first square of members here on your right.)
Then, like and invite your friends (share pictures from Page if you want) of, my Facebook Page.
Whether you prefer the Hair Concept CHERRY CROWN:
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To add chances of winning you can start following me on Insta:


Je suis super heureuse de pouvoir annoncer le premier concours vintage du blog.
Je souhaite donner ces précieux petits talons à quelqu'un pouvant les porter:
Elles sont taille 37. (Pas de 37/38, vraiment 37!)
Pas de contraintes de pays, je livrerais partout !

Le procédé est simple vous devez déjà être abonnées à ce blog.
Alors pas sur Google+ mais vraiment sur Blogger ( le premier carré de membres à votre droite).
Puis Facebook.
Liker, inviter ses amis, puis partager une photo de la page peut être un plus!
Le concept coiffure Cherry Crown
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Pour multiplier les chances de gagner tu peux me suivre sur Insta:

Comment below when its done ! Commentes en dessous lorsque tu l'as fait!

Wish you luck ,


Friday, May 02, 2014

No Widow, No Cry. Didn't work With the word "Windows" either?

You cannot always pretend things are okay because you used to do it this way. Sometimes it's good to feel lost.

You never imagine what's brightening at the end, but I can assure you there is much more than what you ever expect.

I'm happy I've been hurting, I'm glad it's in my deepest fears that I find strength.
I am now conscious that I can see a new change to my path. Or at least, a new way of living it.
Don't want to spoil one of the brand new movies now on screen...
But I too; know that "my mind is too complex for people and society to judge it" and I feel "Fear is what stimulates me".

Dress: ebay seller from Ursula Clothing
Bag: Zara

Plug/earring: Occessories 
Brooch: Pretty Eccentric Brighton

Shoes: Christian Dior vintage Soulier from Tapouillon Vintage

Photo by the Amazing Amandine Adrien.
Hairstyle from Cherry Crown.

Kitschy Capuccino Time... Still thinking of preparing a giveaway, What do you think ?