Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flowers Over the Tower.

Dress by Zara (old)
Coat by SomeLikeitVintage, Etsy

Hat by My Vintage Cocktail, Etsy
Gloves by Roses&Ruins, Paris

The first shoes are the little pimps heels (With that matching sublime 60s coat) from Tapouillon Vintage as i mentionnes in early posts.
But I really wanted you to see the second part of the shoot With that touch of yellow on my feet.

What I wear in "real Life"?
Sneakers (yes yes always have my sneakers with my 50s dress when I'm working!), heels, flat shoes as loafers... But Never ballerinas... When the Blogger Slanelle proposed me these one I was enchanted by their différent look from everydays ballerinas. But now I remember why I Never wear some. Because it kills my toes, and I Still Wonder why !
But anyhoo for the details : 

Shoes are Vivienne Westwood, Mélissa from Anglomania
I cannot wear ballerina (this was my last try...). But these beauties needs a home!
You can shop them here.

Photos and walk in Paris With Betty Gaiss.

And to finish ... I now have the name of the Winner from the Giveaway!
Emma Watson I Will be sending you a comment soon to get in touch With you for the next step.
Thanks everyone for all your lovely words, it always goes straight to my heart.


  1. That dress is everything!!! The ditsy florals are just too precious- especially paired with your tattoos, badass look!

    Thank you for the blog visit sweets, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. You are amazing! Love your dress! xx


  3. Am I the winner??? Really??? :O This is the first time I win something!! jajaja,but you haven't written my name correctly, I suppose that I'm the winner because in the last comment you wrote me, you call me Emma XD but it doesn't matter...
    Wow! I can't believe it jajaja those sandals are so cute... *O* I feel really happy!! Thank you so much for this giveaway :D
    I'll wait for you comment...


    1. Omg Im so sorry Estelle ... Not Emma ! Haha
      I was telling myself I already knew Emma Watson From some where ... But it wasnt you !
      Yes of course you won ;)
      Sending you my mail right away!

  4. oh this vintage look is so lovely! your hair is divine.

    heartbeats Carola // VIENNA WEDEKIND

  5. I love the pink coat, it looks so pretty! xo

  6. Such absolutely stunning photos! I especially love the print of your dress, it feels so fresh and springy! Your beautiful hat is so fun as well-I have been looking for a hat like that- wide brimmed and full of flowers!

  7. Ahhh you look so pretty in that dress! Love it hun!

  8. I love that dress and it looks great on you! Ballet flats kill my toes too, but I still wear them almost every day. I'm sure my toes hate me for it. :P

  9. Très jolie robe !


  10. PRettiest you honey....loved the whole post :) Lovely shoes and dress and I loved your contouring :) Everything perfect from dress to makeup :)

  11. wooow!
    you are soooo beautiful <3 <3 <3 <3
    you look amazing!


  12. SO glamorous! I love the floral dress, and it's even prettier when paired with the coat. Just lovely. x E


  13. It's too bad the shoes didn't work out because they're adorable. I really love your floral dress too. You look wonderful!

  14. That is so gorgeous, I love everything about this look, so girly and pretty and totally my style.

  15. La dernière photo est magnifique! Cette robe également, l'imprimé est trop canon,

    Pour ma part les ballerines me tuent aussi les pieds, aucune paire n'est confortable (je commençais déjà à penser que j'avais un soucis avec mes pieds aha!)


  16. There is such a powerful beauty to these photos - the last one in particular stopped me straight in my tracks. You are blessed to work with such an amazing, skillful photographer. I sense that you have a stellar harmony between you two and that this shines through in all of our stunning images.

    Big hugs & many heartfelt thanks for each of your wonderful recent comments, my lovely friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  17. A beautiful set of photographs, a really intimate quality to them with you looking straight at the camera. And a gorgeous outfit as always! P x


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