Friday, May 02, 2014

No Widow, No Cry. Didn't work With the word "Windows" either?

You cannot always pretend things are okay because you used to do it this way. Sometimes it's good to feel lost.

You never imagine what's brightening at the end, but I can assure you there is much more than what you ever expect.

I'm happy I've been hurting, I'm glad it's in my deepest fears that I find strength.
I am now conscious that I can see a new change to my path. Or at least, a new way of living it.
Don't want to spoil one of the brand new movies now on screen...
But I too; know that "my mind is too complex for people and society to judge it" and I feel "Fear is what stimulates me".

Dress: ebay seller from Ursula Clothing
Bag: Zara

Plug/earring: Occessories 
Brooch: Pretty Eccentric Brighton

Shoes: Christian Dior vintage Soulier from Tapouillon Vintage

Photo by the Amazing Amandine Adrien.
Hairstyle from Cherry Crown.

Kitschy Capuccino Time... Still thinking of preparing a giveaway, What do you think ?


  1. you are so beautiful and stylish. black is totally your colour. these photos look like these where shoots from a movie.

  2. You look just lovely. Love the sleeve detail on that dress and your shoes are absolutely gorgeous! x

  3. I love your photos, your dress and everything.. You are stunning ❤

  4. Such a pretty outfit and lovely photos <3

  5. Such a pretty shoot- love your shoes! Alex

  6. Hello my dear Lorna...I like your blog header, so cute!! This is a beautiful shoot, you look stunning as always, very gorgeous girl you are & I like to see your smiling face at the bottom. Sometimes when we are hurting, we do find our greatest strength and also we find out how strong we can really be. If everything was always so great, we wouldn't get the chance to be as strong. All will come around in time. Take good care my dear & I wish you a wonderful week. I hope your new skirt with buckles comes soon, can't wait to see you in it ;) Hugs to you....Kizzy Xx

  7. Love your hair in this photoshoot!! <3

  8. First of all, thanks for stopping by. :)

    Your blog is fantastic. I love your style...

    (I am your new follower!)


  9. Wow, your style is amazing. I like the vintage mood of your photos. Thx for your comment. I follow you on GFC, and on G+. If you think follow me back. xx

  10. you look very beautiful in dress outfit! Oh and I love the new header too <3

  11. These are such nice shots. Love your hair and lipstick colour in these!

  12. Your tattoos are so beautiful! <3
    Nice dress btw!

  13. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    I really like your outfit here, the dress is so pretty and I want your hair style!

    Have a great day,

  14. lovely post!
    Great look!)
    I`ll be happy if we follow to each other via GFC! Just let me know in my blog) Have a nice day!)

  15. your makeup is gorgeous and such beautiful words to match. x

  16. Gorgeous! I love your vintage style, new follower!
    -Magenta xxx

  17. You look so beautifully elegant, love the vintage vibe of this outfit. I enjoyed reading your views on my last post. Have a Fantastic Friday!

  18. I'm so in love with the colors and the whole atmosphere <3

  19. lovely pictures and i love your dress! so elegant:-) hope you're well! x

  20. I love your style! You look beautiful and stunning! Anyway, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I’ve made my day *big smile* ! I really like your blog! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Let me know :) xx

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  21. You look so elegant and amazing in this dress.
    I love how you've styled it with that brooch and the earrings.
    I also really like your hairstyle. :)

  22. I love your hair, I wish mine looked that good. I love the dress it looks so stunning, especially with the shoes! xx



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