Sunday, March 27, 2016

Denim fever

Hello Dears,
Since I rather wear jeans than a dress, it feels like it's the most easy way to dress myself without thinking twice about an outfit when I want to be pretty on very lazy days.
Of course, I have to admit I don't wear them too much at home, for this I prefer my jog pants (oh boo me I know), but wearing jeans give you the sensation to be at home when you're not.
So that's why when I have a few photoshoot tests like this, I reckon I cannot be wrong by putting on some pair of jeans.
With a white tee-shirt, a very kitschy printed shirt, or even some 9Os fitted top... It always works!

Do you have too some lazy outfit that you always drag out when you're lazy and fearing to be uncomfy ?

Photoshoot sets; in order:
1) Chloe Kelly Miller
2) William Bibet
3) Chloranamour
(and again William. B.)


1) White striped tee shirt from Undiz & Topshop Moto Petite jeans
2) CherryCameTo shirt & Monki jeans
3) Thrifted shirt, Urban Outfitters tee shirt & Monki jeans



Sunday, March 20, 2016

Salon du Vintage Paris ; March 1016

 Hello Dears,
Let me introduce you to my Mom !
Haha. Last week end there was the "Salon du  Vintage" taking place in le Marais.
And on this very sunny sunday I told my mom to drop by and come to see me (as far as I knew , she was drilling to see me for a few days after my recovery) and here we were : heading to something vintage related of course.
I tend not to shop too much , cause of course this is one of my vices ... So I was pretty tamed, and only get a seahorse inclusion (love this type of stuff not really useful in my room) and a vintage jean jacket, in fact there is the name of the kid that owned it (yes I bought a very tiny jacket: me realizing haha thats why the jacket is cropped!).
My Mom bought herself a very lovely Guy Laroche tweed like jacket , very cool on her, all purplish.

It was fun !

(I had a crush on this vintage Dior skirt ... But the price wasn't for me!)

We did enjoyed a lil' Baileys too! 


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Venus in Furs

Hello Dears,
I may not be the type of person who shows 24/7 how she's strong and all, but one thing I'm certain of is that: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
I doubted a lot around that phrase and sometimes I just realize, but hey you! you still there aren't you?
That does mean something.
So whether sometimes you feel unconfident , or even uneasy of letting some feelings touch you; then just think of one tiny detail which could make you pop off. Like a boost, yes.
Sometimes I wonder, do I really want to think about it? It can make me weak, I say.
But not at all, this a bit like some fairy powder if you drop a very small amount of it on yourself then you can feel stronger.
You just have to find yours... Patronus ?

Okay that's again something that only the hyper sensitive might get. But even if you're a rock (like me when my doors are all closed) : I swear it helps.


  • Suede faux fur jacket from Zara
  • Embroidery crop top from H&M
  • Nineties inspired denim skirt from H&M
  • Lipstick shade "Fedora Mauve" from &Other Stories

Love to all,

Photo credits: Vincent Ducard

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Made in England

Hello Lovers
Yes again a suede skirt ! (From Mad Vintage Clothing once more!)
It's a thing I think; when I'm into some new purchases I need to owned it in several shapes, colors, details... Cause of course they're not all the same !
This one for example is very "pretty" like in the little-freshly-blossomed-flowerly-pretty style you see! So I added some touch rougher to it: the black boots, the manly polo knit top (and of course my big hair).

The Knit Polo is vintage I can't remember from where but it is made in england; it written on the label I swear !
As for the boots, they are the Made in UK collection from Dr Martens (I know you 're bored because I'm kind of sponsored right) so I guessed it matches. It still also matches the "you call me a skin, but I'm a nice one" though.
Oh and I may be tagged made in England too, so I think I banked the jackpot now!

*lame casino reference you know*
*who read this anyway*

Love you folks;

Thanks to Lara Guffroy for those amazing pictures, again.

details from the knitted polo