Thursday, October 31, 2013

Few hours Before Halloween...

So looking forward to try my make up and new outfit for the occasion... My girlfriend has something awesome !!
But sssh I wont tell any thing Before it happened ... Just that , I'm going to a party which thème is Tales and Legends... Wicked ;)

No I wont be a wicked Witch, for once :D

We created yesterday, well, my fiance, I was a bit lazy... Those wonderful patterns on pumpkins !!
Show me yours !

Wiiicked hey ? :D

Happy Halloween Night everyone, leaving you on a creepy touch by Sophie Boss Photographer and Mademoiselle Ilo Stylism. (Studio le 106 and assistant Ph. Cordier)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Too Many interesting trends I want to talk about this winter , but let's face it I do like them so I dont care I'll post and re-post about it.
After curiousity tendancies, and scottish patterns, Forgot to mention something really Nice and Simple on the producted effect.
The Circle Skirt !
Okay I even do like the name. Well, in général I like when in fashion you have funny names, for something meant to be serious ... Pencil skirt, bat sleeves...
Anyway, I love them cause they're not mini and have this retro effect I love.

Further more, you can even make them by yourselves! I'm Pretty sûre There's sewing kit and everything available on Etsy. The main thing is to cut as large cloath  as to have a big pizza shape, and a Tiny Hole for your waist in the middle.
I wont try. I'm such a mess, sewing and all. But Thats Pretty much of it.

There's picture from Designers collection, I loved.
Dolce&Gabbana even in l'idée religions patterns I liked, but I do think that everyone Will agree on the fact that overcover the cloath is a good thing, if you cant really focus on the shape of the clothes ...
I dont care! I even think some of it are available in Topshop... Gorgeous looks are posted on Vogue.It, so sorry for the bad quality I posted to illustrate.

So Thats Pretty it. Circle skirts. Do you believe that Vinyl could be use in that glamourous way? Ill love it , its the best way to use this material, I reckon.
Here, a last photoshoot I make With my Harstyling Concept CHERRY CROWN for Sas Terpstra Photographer.
The model is Still Victorienne, stylist Gemma B. And Make up Artist Aurélie G.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Curiosité ... Cabinet de curiosité .

Thats a weird trend Thats right. But when you really think about it , it makes things not so eternal, last a little longer ... Have a new Life.

What could we ask better than having a pour animal damaged in front of us and turn it into something really beautiful.
Well, beauty is singular, and not the same to everyone.
Not that your living room Will obviously end like this ...

But let's have a closer look. Then , tell me if i made you change your mind...

This is a photoshoot With the beautiful ornament from Devine Delinquents, Bristol,(which I really love the fact that everything is unique from What she sells!) that you can see on my FB Professional Page: CherryCrownbyLorna.
I have to thank Solene Brunin as the Make Up Artist, Clara F as the Photographer and Cynthia Piazzini as the somptuous model.

Now Again, another curious shoot With Apolline Durouchoux, and Audrey as the model whos holding this curiousity...

Audrey is interpretating one of the 4 elements... Find out which one here: CherryCrownByLorna
 Thanks Leeloo for the backstage shoot and Lila for the make up.

Whats your "pêche mignon" for Autumn 13?

Hair from Scotland

I just love the Tartan look for this winter and apart from Moschino s collection which I really liked …
All the styles are here : Stylosophy

I wanted to show you guys some photos from the Shooting I was working on this Summer which just got published ! Yay!

Thanks to all the staff I met on this shoot. Names are under.

You can now have a look on Fashioninsing where it has been published earlier.

Monday, October 14, 2013


As in Joan Jett's famous song,
My love's not predetermined by a gender.
I wanted to present her today as the most beautiful woman and unique most of all.

It's perfect when you find the one, who can understands you on so much subjects.
To every one , who found "it" (the Four-letter-word , of course... L-O-V-E, you guys !), NEVER let it go.

Two first pics are from Thibault Chasta Photography.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Enter A Role

These are Quick pictures from my last modelling shoot With Alice Pacaud , and.
 Solene Brunin Mua
I'm thinking about explaining How all of this came to me What do you think ? Cause things move on, and i can now realize how different my photography bound is.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


It seems to be the real come back of satchels isn't it ? Not only for our teachers in secondary school... I cannot erase this memory from my mind ! But fashion has taken it into account, they're discreet, elegant, and handy that's cool.

Clarisse Foucaud took these pictures of me with mine from Topshop, Copenhagen, DK.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Convention, conventions

Convention, conventions...

All started when I first did the Tattoo Art Festival in Paris, With my team from the salon, where I used to work.
I just ADORE, the fact of working There. Doing Pinup Hairstyles, and Vintage Hairdo is a very passion for me but creating it on a Tattoo (or something else) convention is brilliant.
In fact, you are performing as you're on stage, and as I might have said earlier thinking its likely to something spectacular, relevant from shows, just makes me dream.
So I don't know when I'll be stopping to do some, but now I'm only enjoying myself ;)

On the WonderVintage Market in Paris (mid Sept.)

On the London Tattoo Convention 13'

I couldn't miss the pinky hair color of the artist Moni Marino !

Beautiful customer !

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Fashion Week

Catwalk for Legends Collection.
I wouldn't talk about how I felt about working for catwalks. Not only for hairstylists, who are not deeply considerated and who, I assume are one of the most important thing to build up a line presentation , but also for models...
It's harsh.
Seeing there's time like this where the show's setting up, everything else just collapses. I mean ... Your truly human needs ... Of course, it's well-known ,  models don't eat, they're like robots !
This is sarcasm, No need to add.

I'll hope "you'll" enjoy your stay.

Well, well it's a first Time for me writing here , I'm usually good at writing but : some kind of things lyrical, stocked into my head, not some Diairy writings.
Anyhow, everything comes with a start. And I'll try to pitch myself in a few lines.
Briefly, I'm this kind of girl, that always wanted to work in the arts, but -poor me- never knew to do a thing.
Playing some instrument, gifted drawing, dancing... no that wasn't me.
But at least I tried ! At the age of fourteen when they scared my ass off cause they made me choose for what I wanted to do for a living in my future, I chose to work in a Beautysalon and with consideration in the Hairdressing. But crap, you're so young to choose it, even if I always was a stubborn personn in the choices I made for myself, it was clearly too young.
Too young to stop growing your ideas with things you can learn in school (yes it's possible I do think it is),and too young to work as an adult and sometimes even harder cause you're doing all the hard work, who anybody wants to do.
I left my pride apart and stopped this studies to come back in a course where I finally passed my A level in Litterature and continue on a year in the Uni.
I , then , realize it was time for me. Time to work, and I started once more hairdressing studies.
Not in the same way of thinking, not with the same people.
I was grown up.