Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Curiosité ... Cabinet de curiosité .

Thats a weird trend Thats right. But when you really think about it , it makes things not so eternal, last a little longer ... Have a new Life.

What could we ask better than having a pour animal damaged in front of us and turn it into something really beautiful.
Well, beauty is singular, and not the same to everyone.
Not that your living room Will obviously end like this ...

But let's have a closer look. Then , tell me if i made you change your mind...

This is a photoshoot With the beautiful ornament from Devine Delinquents, Bristol,(which I really love the fact that everything is unique from What she sells!) that you can see on my FB Professional Page: CherryCrownbyLorna.
I have to thank Solene Brunin as the Make Up Artist, Clara F as the Photographer and Cynthia Piazzini as the somptuous model.

Now Again, another curious shoot With Apolline Durouchoux, and Audrey as the model whos holding this curiousity...

Audrey is interpretating one of the 4 elements... Find out which one here: CherryCrownByLorna
 Thanks Leeloo for the backstage shoot and Lila for the make up.

Whats your "pêche mignon" for Autumn 13?

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