Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Too Many interesting trends I want to talk about this winter , but let's face it I do like them so I dont care I'll post and re-post about it.
After curiousity tendancies, and scottish patterns, Forgot to mention something really Nice and Simple on the producted effect.
The Circle Skirt !
Okay I even do like the name. Well, in général I like when in fashion you have funny names, for something meant to be serious ... Pencil skirt, bat sleeves...
Anyway, I love them cause they're not mini and have this retro effect I love.

Further more, you can even make them by yourselves! I'm Pretty sûre There's sewing kit and everything available on Etsy. The main thing is to cut as large cloath  as to have a big pizza shape, and a Tiny Hole for your waist in the middle.
I wont try. I'm such a mess, sewing and all. But Thats Pretty much of it.

There's picture from Designers collection, I loved.
Dolce&Gabbana even in l'idée religions patterns I liked, but I do think that everyone Will agree on the fact that overcover the cloath is a good thing, if you cant really focus on the shape of the clothes ...
I dont care! I even think some of it are available in Topshop... Gorgeous looks are posted on Vogue.It, so sorry for the bad quality I posted to illustrate.

So Thats Pretty it. Circle skirts. Do you believe that Vinyl could be use in that glamourous way? Ill love it , its the best way to use this material, I reckon.
Here, a last photoshoot I make With my Harstyling Concept CHERRY CROWN for Sas Terpstra Photographer.
The model is Still Victorienne, stylist Gemma B. And Make up Artist Aurélie G.

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  1. I like the look of them but I'm so short, I could only wear those with heels which I don't usually wear


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