Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dry and Dusty.

Hello Dears!
I melt two topics into one post today. 
First outfit, a mix of few vintage like (or real vintage) brands I love.
Again, this dress is usually worn with a petticoat but here I didn't wanted to put one, as I think you should see its natural shape, which is really a nice fit.
Only, I might add I forgot a belt.
Shouldn't tell, but I clearly see it's missing now ...
That little shop window is great antique , don't you think ?
Dress and scarf: GoGoVintage in Etsy
Shoes : Repetto
Tapestry Kitten Bag by Purrfect Kat

And if you loved the kitty bag from the French Vintage Etsy shop, its lovely owner Kat gives my Reader a special discount code! -15%
Tote Bag Design Tiny Miss Becca Tattoo, one of my fave Neo trad tattoo artist.
If you love the Neo trad style, she is great and you can find her at Jayne Doe Tattoo, Essex UK.

Last vintage crush, What Katie Did. I started buying suspender belt and stockings at WKD because it is very good quality. I should do one special review on them soon cause they treat lingerie so well.
Stockings by What Katie Did.

Then, Second Outfit ! I wore a coral and white Fifties dress from HerNameisRita dressing (not creation) to my PressDay at the Balajo, Paris.
It always was a dancing place since 1935.
All wooden , they haven't change a thing inside and the disposition remains really retro.
Only the painting have been restored.
It was a meeting between bloggers , press and the Puppini Sisters.
I was delighted to meet Laurence and Sylvain from Lost in the 50s, who are really nice and interesting people to talk to... And the Puppini Sisters ! They were adorable.
I will prepare a little interview for you guys in a next post.

Hope you enjoyed both topics !
If you have any questions, project, collaboration let me know and ring the bell!

Hairstyle by Cherry Crown & Photos by Apolline Durouchoux


  1. Hello Lorna!! I hope your week is going well so far. These are really wonderful pictures, I like both of your outfits and the places you took them in are marvellous too. Am happy you enjoyed yourself in the second part of the post, sounds like an interesting time. WKD is a wonderful brand, I like their items very much. I hope you have a beautiful week doll. Loves, Kizzy Xxx

  2. I think you look fantastic in the first outfit without belt and petticoat :) and the stockings are pure love!! Next to that antique shop, you seem like you were in 50' era, not in 2014 haha, it's so gorgeous that still exist shops like that...
    I posted last week the sandals I won in your giveaway :D


  3. Love that first outfit, and those shoes especially are too cute. I wouldn't have really noticed the lack of belt, but we're always our own worst critics, aren't we?
    It looks like you had a great time at your blogger meetup. I would love to have a get together like that here in Chicago, but I have no idea how to suggest it to anyone else without sounding like a total weirdo.

  4. Beautiful photos! I love your dress and the matching shoes, such glamourous vintage look!

  5. The dress looks awesome on you, even without the belt! Love the cat tote bag!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  6. Those shoes, oh my goodness! Alex


  7. I have serious hair envy! You are so talented.
    I have such an appreciation for What Katie Did lingerie too. Wish I could afford to build up a collection :) Can't wait to read your interview with the Puppini Sisters, how exciting!

    Love, Essjayxxx

  8. Love your whole outfit! You are beautiful, you hair is just... AMAZING!!! Jealous. Love your blog, I followed with GFC :)


  9. Beautiful dress and I love your shoes :)

  10. Stunning dress and shoes, absolutely perfect.

  11. woooooow such an amazing look, location, pics and everything!
    you really suits this mood! LOVE IT!
    Syriously in Fashion

  12. Comme *j'adore* ces robes-ci! Le motif de la première est adorable, et le couleur de la deuxième te va très bien!

  13. Beautiful falls short, you look stunning in that dress, I particularly admire the detail on the stockings.

  14. I love your style and pictures, which are so original and different!

    ☂ http://livrau.blogspot.com/ ☂

  15. This pin up style, what a beauty!! This so pretty the dres is so lovely!


  16. Oh my God those pink seemed stockings!! You've inspired me to dug mine out again :)

  17. A true pin-up. You give me inspiration, really !

  18. What an elegant, deeply feminine outfit with just a hint of whimsy via the tapestry kitty bag (this combo - girly, sophisticated and cute, is my favourite type of outfit ever!). You look gorgeous and ever-so-sweet! How fun that you met up with so many fellow vintage lovers! I've been a huge fan of L&S's blog for ages now and always delight in seeing where they'll land next on other peoples' sites, too. I sincerely hope that I'm able to meet them one day, either in Canada or Europe, and feature them on mine as well. That would be so cool! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for letting me know that your order arrived already and that you love the brooch. That's wonderful news and just the right note to start my week off with.

  19. You look darling in this dress! I love the way you styled it with those fantastic seamed stockings and awesome shoes!



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