Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hair rules to start 2016

Hello Dears,
I hope you all had a merry Xmas for those who celebrate. The other too I hope you spent a great time if you had some times off.
I found that quizz from Madison Reed pretty funny to try, and as an old (barely) retired stylist I also thought that it was one good idea to share their Do and Don't. Check their link if you're questioning yourself about your next color !

See you in 2016 xx


Thursday, December 17, 2015

About a boy

All pics by Vincent Ducard

Hi Dears;
No street style since a while, I figured we should do something about it.
This one is around that bombers. But it's so much more.

You know I changed , style , lifestyle, who cares anyway, but what matters the most to me is that I haven't really left my vintage side apart. What I loved so much. I only changed a bit from the years that interested me I think? And it goes along with my lifestyle. I was really into the fifties remember ? Well, my relationship was at this point kind of as narrowed as in the fifties (apart from the fact that I was actually with a girl, it was kind of that 50s structure, oddly.)
And now that I moved from decades , I might say 40 years after, well its weird but it's like everything goes along.
1990 touch of clothing, of music ( that techno scene I've been discovering and enjoying for the last few months) , and of course it goes along with my relationship where I stand free and happy of what I am living with my new special one.

Let me explain touch by touch , deeper and deeper all this stuff.

About that make up;
I had that feeling I could not be as over prepared like when I had my 50s style because of the boyish side of me which popped last year (remember?) so first I thought I should stop wearing make up.
But , thing is .. I like it ! It's fun an all covering what I dislike from me , well make up y'a know ! haha.
So then I started again wearing very discreet make up. I even started doing my brows again, but this is very new because it reminded me so much of the pin up look that I quitted this routine straight away a long time ago now!

Anyway , this is my new daily routine / products used:

For the primer; I shopped this on actually

Natural Collection, for the foundation and corrector, used with the tiny sponge from Primark
Revolution eye shadow palette still in love with the whole thing
Sleek eye marker
Rimmel Super Mascara
And  last but not least, the velvet mat lipstick from Kiko

Loving that brownish color (poke Phoebe from Friends , first seasons right!)

About the shoes;
I don't think I mentioned my new job ... Well I am now a member of the English Dr Martens industry!
Indeed , I made it !
Haha. It must feel like a very little detail but to me it means a lot.
(okay thats technically a french song... #privatefrenchjoke )
It means that I joined the Brits for once ! I felt so disconnected and far from "my" country here in France, but to be in Dr Martens, I'm very glad about that fact.
Second fact; the music. Oh my god , the music.
I meet again some rock playlist that could have been played in my last hair salon and this is dope. Finished the 60s , nostalgic sad and depressing song from Stories ... Maybe good songs, but god not something to work in all day, or you're turning even more depressed!
And last point; the House is a name, has a history. A vintage one, a subcultural one, a story from and among the people, a story from music and fashion.
So what could I dream about if not all this combo.

Oh, yes about the shoes:: the KAMIN are my last and new pair.
Shop them till you can !

About that bag;
It's my last birthday present from my special one Oli.
You can shop it at Brandy Melville shops (don't think they sell online; well not in France I reckon)

About that skirt;
So Grease is not it !
I haven't been wearing a leather skirt for ages; I love the style of this one mixed with one of my Stories jumper.
Love it ! My first purchase from ages in a vintage shop, next to mine:: the Vintage Partner

And to finish; on and about that bombers;
this is my birthday present from my best friend Nordine , when he saw it he wanted it for him but s a matter of fact this is quite too small so it is mine ! héhé. Goes along with this image that people have from me (that I cultivate I have to admit) of skinhead (I haven't say bonehead so no screaming around here!) mainly because of my family name! People.

Hope you enjoyed the reading!
See you soon folks;


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winter Wonderland, throwback from Canada

It was hot !
Yes , it does not always snow in Canada !
With the cold coming massively in Paris, it makes me smile to think about that time. It was in September already ... Time flies.
Anyway ,  I wanted to share with you the good time I spent with my family, my girlfriend, the new friends I met, how I ate (like A LOT) ..




With Fausty @ Beauty's Dinner

My Grandma and her friend the Queen

Me and my fav auntie ever

Wide Toronto (too big to see everything in one trip in fact)

Tatyana shop , for my pin up friends !

Toronto by night

Selfie before the Montreal Tattoo Convention

Taxidermy with my mate from Kitsch n' swell

MTL with Love


Niagara Falls

Niagara falls fashion

Let's eat !

Root beer ! Actually I discovered, that the natural flavoured could give me allergy so I shouldn't drink that stuff .. but come on 

Even here my girlfriend name was misspelled 

That's all folks !

See you in Paris 


Friday, November 06, 2015

I've always bet I'll end up being a librarian

Hello Dears,
I've been thinking it's all cold now and with this new post we can easily feel it, it's like my nose will turn red in a second , right ?
But I completely forgot to show you some parts of my last trip to Canada, that will be a funny next post to get ready.

But first , this is a quick view from an outfit challenge with Giseleisnerdy !
The challenge, an outfit up to 150€ and no more ...
Go take a look on her blog fox xx

So, I dared wearing a very soft make up, a nude one , with one of the shades I got from a spanish shop last year during my stay in Barcelona (remember when I 've done the Tattoo Con back there ? well I certainly made some shopping too...)
Okay , I do look a bit like Rupert Giles with this jacket , but this is one of my findings in Vaudreuil (not so far from Montreal) and I love it !

Jacket from H&M, LOGG $69,95
Dress from H&M too, Divided section, 19,95€
Shoes, from the spanish brand 25,95€
I also wear one of an &Other Stories pair of earrings 29€ (you cannot clearly see it, but it looks like a dark moon !)