Thursday, December 08, 2016

Bros before Hoes

Hi Dears,
Long time no speak like always I reckon... Anyway, I'm in a certain mood these days which is not really comfortable for me neither for the people surrounding me I think.
I don't know what I want, I'm acting like a hermit and I even dare to complain about it.
What only makes me smile at the end of the day is my dog (told ya there will be a new companion in my life!), his name is Lewis.
He's now practically all my life and I'm blessed to have this unconditional love from him.

I am fed up with the human relations presently, even though I want this state to come to closure soon *praying* cause I was in a really intensively social mind earlier in the year and now it's all over again.

I guess it's only winter.


Tee-shirt , gift from my Bro Nordine on my birthday <3
Denim Boyfriend Jeans, from H&M
Winter socks, from H&M
Heels, as seen here from &Otherstories

Thanks to Emeline Hamon for all the pictures! Check her out