Sunday, January 31, 2016

Comfort of an Isle

Hello Dears;
Do you ever have the feeling that you want to accomplish so many things but hat you only succeed is staying at home ?
I do. Most of the times.
I still have many dreams but, it's like I am in lazy blur keeping me from doing anything really creative.
So here I am on my little couch , watching Charmed or Buffy.

Hoping this set will be creative for a bit.

Bardot crop top from H&M

Loose Kaki shirt by the Cherry Came To boutique

Jewels by Julie Rolland
All pics by Noor One

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Come as you are

Hello Dears;
Cold this January in Paris...
2016 is turning weird right ? I don't know what to expect for the next months , but the friendly celebrities passing away , and the job changes..the relationships are changing too around me. I don't know for yourself, but it seems that it's the new beginning of an era and there is some sort of a process of a cycle that is necessary.
I try and learn, and every day I think I'm getting closer to what I am. I am honest with what I want.
It's not much but I'm happy to be surrounded by people helping with that.
Hope the cold will not freeze our hearts.


Nirvana tee shirt by H&M
Casual black shirt by &Other Stories
Skinny Fit jeans by COS
Shoes by Stories

(long live Sweden right!)

Photo credits: Clementine Passet