Sunday, December 08, 2019

I won't wait for the grass to grow

Hello Dears,

I am so happy to be back ! Like, it's not the first time I say this 😐
No, really I mean it. Since I've moved back next to Paris, I feel like I can finally take things back where I'd left them. Firstly, my relationship has never been that simple (well, not every relationships are simple indeed) but I find peace knowing that my beloved is closer to me I believe. Not struggling with trains ...
Although, the strike is well present this days in France and our transports are mainly affected lol, irony ? Anyway, I feel a lot better, I know that I'm settled that I can do what pleases me, and start what I want to accomplish... I have a lot on my mind ! But that stimulation is good news !
I will soon announce the return of the Youtube Channel ahah
Let's begin this new adventure 😹 

For the moment, here is a quick outfit since my hair finallyyyy grew out:: hence the victory rolls: tadam ;)

Vintage jacket thrift (don't ask me where i don't remember lol)
The Nosferatu dress by Deandri __ as for the collar pins
New Look wide fit heels
Vinted shopped earrings 


Friday, November 15, 2019

Winter DressLily 2019

Hi guys!
I hope you are all doing well ?
I have ben a bit quiet here, mainly on Instagram these days, you know the stuff .. blogging is being ignored now right ? Haha, I feel like most bloggers have a bit deserted their blog like me.
I hope to be more active now that I moved town (finally!!), and also wishing to open my Youtube channel... yay 😌

So first I wanted to share this good deal on Dresslily !
Click here to see the new arrival:  Christmas dress 
It's time to refresh your wardrobe! 

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Christmas Winter picks:

And my favorite !

Hope this gave you idea, for the holidays ! 
Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, why not be in a winterish mood anyway :)


Sunday, September 08, 2019

The Great Journey

Hello Dears,

I hope you're fine ! It has been a while since I've posted anything here ... I have been very busy with personal stuff I suppose... I realized that I turned out to be even more depressed since I live in Lille, and it was hard for everything. I'm lucky that my relationship keep on going since I'm so far from my boyfriend , it's not always easy.
So on this Monday, I decided to do something else. Something for me, to enjoy why I came to Lille in the first place ... to be closer to Belgium. And I learned that in Antwerp there is such a large community of Jewish people ! That was crazy I never saw this, it really made me feel good to change my environment like this. Plus for my personal journey through religion I loved it.
I met Caroline / @mymodestjourney & Ilana / @jewishbychoice plus one of our Instagram follower Lesley. It was wonderful, we were really surprised to feel like it was like we knew each other already ! New generation right ?
We walked through the city, seeking for synagogues to explore, we saw kosher shops, restaurants ... I learned so much.
Like, fun fact that I didn't know : (french girl that I am) it is really badly seen to cross a pedestrian when it's red even if there's no cars ! Because they don't want people to think that jewish people do wrong stuff you know ? Even though I'm careful while walking I clearly never saw people even jewish people in Paris taking care of this sign when there is no car crossing lol. But that is a french behavior I believe ... "all aboard!"

These are pictures from the Great Synagogue Romi Goldmuntz

We had a total fail ; this one was closed ... It is the Hollandse Synagogue.

This one is the Sfradi Synagogue "Beith Mosche"

Such lovely streets in Antwerp

Fyi, I'm wearing a Bgteever dress and Stradivarius belt 


Sunday, July 07, 2019


Hi Dears,

I hope you're all well ! I had a hard phase these days I thought I was going down again ... You know mercury retrograde bla-bla, it might have influenced it a bit.
But this week had been very intense in news and evolution. I know now that I will surely change my job (what for we don't know that yet , it's a surprise!), pass my driving license, move to come back near Paris... Even though it has been hard things are little by little changing and it feels good.
What comes around goes back around yes ?
So it hasn't been easy all the time but I'm very glad I never lose hope.
And thats thanks to the people around me i think 😚

Plus I got to see my family in Switzerland next week so what should i ask for more ? 🌞


Vintage shirt
Mademoiselle R dress
Vagabond shoes
Old accessories from H&M


women dresses

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Black Capeline

Hello Dears,

No I'm not pregnant ! This is the look when you have a belly and dare to wear a pencil skirt 😂
But I still love this skirt ! It 's an old find now, shopped on Collectif clothing, loving the hourglass shape that it gives.

Anyway, it's nearly July and oh how I wish to be on holidays ...
Not that I have worked a lot this year, being on medical part time and all, but I need to see other places, I'm starting to feel trapped here ! 
Plus this heat is far way too exagerated so whenever i can live locked in my crib I do it ahah
Not that I go out a lot if the weather is better 😅
&you how do you deal with climate changes ?  

Outfit is:

Hat by Primark
Dot Top by Ali Express
Skirt by Collectif Clothing
Chunky leopard sandals by Primark

thanks my Lionel S. for the pics 💅