Monday, November 16, 2020

Black Quarantine Loungewear

Hi all!
I hope you are well, here it's again the lockdown and quarantine time. It's crazy how France is being ridiculous compared to other countries.
So, hopefully I've been entertained with my filming and editing for Youtube !
You can check my latest video here
And have a look at the outfits I got from Femme Luxe Finery Clothing !


(last one might be out of stock)
Velvet top from h&M (old)



Monday, October 26, 2020

Pollyeye for Halloween


Hello Dears,
I received a parcel from Pollyeye and have a new video to show you this!

If you wanna check a model ::>  
for 12% discount code LORNA12

IG: @pollyeye

First model above "Demon Green"

"moon zona"

"cartoon covenant"


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Black Rose


Hi all,
I met once again with Lara and, again, I love how the lighting turns out in this photoshoot.
I have really been struggling with my weight this year, and since June I decided to lose some.
It was not easy the first weeks because I had to change everything I did !
Like eating several bowls of cereals at night ... this was my most difficult change to do!
But in the end I finally understood what was really "feeding" me and not only giving me the impression to have eaten but with nothing very consistent. So that was why I used to eat at least every 3h ...
Regardless of this unbalanced and unhealthy diet, I also lost all my confidence (not that I had plenty of it haha) so it was really time to change !
Now we're 4 months (5 soon) later and I definitely can tell the difference. Maybe it's not obvious for you but I dont care I feel way better and this is what was important to me.

So that being said this is why I loved doing and looking at this photoshoot, makes me very empowered !

Don't abandon your body, he really is a part of you.


All my outfit is thrift !
The jacket brand jacket though, is Bershka
Tights from Action
Dr Martens 1461Alt
Lipstick from Sephora Basics


Monday, August 24, 2020

POLLYEYE :🧿 the new coloured lenses 🧿

Hello Dears,

I am SO happy to share this order from Pollyeye. They're a brand of colored lenses, and you can also adjust your prescription! I have a very bad sight and they're perfect. Only one thing: it's better if you change the product of the contact to a more gentle solution ! I did that mistake and it burns lol.
They have so many lovely colors it was hard to choose...
I chose a blue (yes I know ! but just to see if I can intensify the blue :: check down below !) ; a light brown, a green, and a pink one !
I wouldn't recommend the pink for blue eyes, because it forms only a halo and 
it's less standing out on blue eyes than the others. (well in my opinion)
The box arrived with many goodies ! They are really nice and pro : so dont hesitate !

I love the names of the lenses all space related, find some listed underneath each picture 
I have a 12% discount code for you : 


Planet Earth Green

Planet Uranus Blue


Monday, August 17, 2020

Lilac Shein Summer

Hello Dears,
I received a new outfit from Shein and I love it !
Stay tuned for the Youtube review

Top : Shein 4€
Skirt : Shein 5€




Saturday, August 15, 2020

Blue land

Hello Dears,
It has been a while since I haven't posted here , i know i say this every time . But it has been even longer since I started covering (my arms and neckbones) now I decided to uncover. Why ? Because I was starting to invisible myself and that wasn't good at all for my mental health. Don't forget it's possible to choose to cover or the other way round. Nobody has to be shamed for what they believe is good for them.
Anyway, I was very happy I made this shoot with my friend Lara because I felt a bit naked when I was on my own haha
But I mean i like this top and I feel pretty in it so I know I shouldn't blame myself if it makes me happy.
I never forgot what I said while started converting, whatever you do if spirituality is inside you it will never leave.

Skirt and top coordinate : Collectif Clothing
Shoes: Vagabond
Sunglasses : Polette