Sunday, January 13, 2019

Rosegal New Year

Hello Dears,
Hope you're all fine ?
I am so so excited cause I finally booked some vacation to Scotland in March with my boyfriend 💛
Not the sunniest destination but still ! And I am very looking forward to the next ones haha

If you are looking for some beach and sun during the following months Rosegal has the perfect swimsuits ... and last but not least in PLUS SIZE 
This, I love ! 
Also, I think that's cool to sell something in full coverage so I added it underneath. Of course, it's called a "surf swimsuit" but I reckon for some tattoos protection or if you don't want to expose yourself for personal reasons that's awesome !

 Use Code: RGBF1 Get Extra 25% OFF

And Happy New Year dears 💖


Friday, December 28, 2018

Red Velvet

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all fine in this time of the Year. And that you enjoy calm and serenity. With your loved ones or even by yourself!
I'm feeling disgusted at work when I see people going crazy because it's Christmas or boxing day. Why are they so blinded by capitalism ? Why don't they go in nature or stay at home reading a book, I mean even staying in and watching Netflix is less into this world of consommation that I see everyday while working in a shop...
I know it's completely contradictory because ... I work here... But God knows I can't stand it, it's more and more becoming difficult to me.
So I'm now facing a burn out period (to be very brief about it...) and my doctor kept me from work. It's all for good I know but can't keep wondering and feeling guilty.
I completely lost my mind in it!
So I guess that was the time to ... Break free.

Hope ya'll love these series by my friend and photographer and make up artist Ewa Cieszkowska she is so talented, isn't she ?? 💋


Monday, December 10, 2018

The lightning strike

Hello Dears,

After a Halloween post I hope this December article finds you well !
I believe the lightning reminded a bit of the Christmas mood (although i know it wasn't its first purpose lol) and with a dark touch why not a Krampus theme 😈

(Electric Wizard merch tee shirt
Trousers from Zaful
Dr Martens Jagger platform shoes)

I am now settled in a new town, and this is very good news for me as Paris was beginning to drag me really down.
But, I should add that it's very hard to move to another county more than changing from town to town only. It's the first time for me, and I'm not sure I would do it again !
It was so exhausting...
I'm still dealing with a lot of administration and stuff like that. You know these kind of problems that you can't avoid haha


Meanwhile in Paris, the protests strikes again.

Photo by Mcbphotographie

Love ,

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Halloween Dot Net

Hello Dears,

October is finally over and you can all come back to normal now!
Lol, everyone expect weirdos 🙋
Yesterday I've been too many different bars , that was so cool to have a glimpse to every kind of Halloween costume , I think this year was a very good one ! Many people were enthusiastic I felt a very good energy.
Of course I thought I would wear a zombie make up and something sophisticated but again I drop it, and went for a darkish sixties outfit haha (still retro ?)

 And how about yours ?


Shirt & Skirt from Romwe
Levis Jacket
Mr Jack socks (from Disneyland !)
Kendra boots from Dr Martens

women denim jacket


Monday, October 29, 2018

Which Pjs should i wore indoors

Hello Dears,

One of my last photoshoots in this tiny tiny apartment. I have been struggling with a new depression phase lately ; but I know it was one of the easiest to fight. The burn-out kinda phase.
Have you ever experienced it ?

I think it's so clear I was feeling this way on these pictures , I look very very exhausted, but still happy to do something else to keep my head up...
It's weird because I thought there would be only pleasant stress to my future move out of Paris (yes it's coming!), I thought it would be this stress when you're about to go on stage or meet someone you like and never met before.
I thought about the new job, the new place, the new apartment and all that go along, but never I thought about this.
These butterflies in the stomach just changed into worms tearing me down.
Hopefully, I noticed it was me who was feeding them.

Photo Credits:

Emeline Hamon


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Halloween Rosegal Wishlist 2018

Hi Dears,

Here's a quick Halloween Rosegal Sale Wishlist, there's plenty of bat and spider print for the fans ;)
I also just discovered that they have some wigs to sale on the website !
 And I have to admit I'm right in my wig period haha. Although I haven't tried yet to wear it, I am waiting for my hair to grow ...
So this will maybe make me wait a bit !

Hope you'll enjoy your Halloween xxx

Bat dress

Wig with bang

Use code "RGTina" for all order with over 25USD save 3USD
Use code" RGTina" for all order with over 50USD save 6USD
Use code" RGTina" for all order with over 100USD save 12USD

All pics and items are from Rosegal.

Love ,

Friday, August 17, 2018

Dead Girl

Hello Dears,

Today I won't write the outfit list because ; first it's mainly thrift and second you know the shoes are Vans so no need to make you a link to it ...
I'm becoming a bit disgusted by all the shopping field (fun fact I'm getting promoted and I love working for my brand but still) no seriously but, but the customers, oh god the customers.
That's no problem to me that people are more and more interested in my brand. No the problem, is the whole concept of creating yourself some needs when you definitely don't need those products. And fashion, or even other ranges are highly touched by the commercial aspect, and I know that of course it's understandable nowadays. What I don't get is for the people (the rich ones cause let's face it it's a rich problem if a store doesn't have your size for an item you "crave") to be this connected to fake needs and desires.
I'll stop writing about it cause thinking of it makes me sick.
Yup i said that.


Thanks again to Lara Guffroy for the photoshoot xxx