Saturday, July 24, 2021


Hi Dears,

So yesterday I did an unexpected photoshoot with my friend & coworker Ley ( @yeahspics on Instagram) and it was so fun !
I really thank her for that 🔥

Lately I've been approached by this person to do a photoshoot, and unfortunately I had to cancel/postpone twice the photoshoot. First, because of a misunderstanding on the time of the meeting, and the second because I was just not feeling good enough to take pictures at that time.
Doing a photoshoot takes a lot of energy for people with mental health struggles and it should be respected. Even more when you don't know the person so you will have to mask A LOT and be super social and all. So I said no.
First time, it was a super agressive message but I excused her as I didn't know her perhaps she was disappointed etc etc
Little did I know, on the second cancellation, and after a loooong message I sent her to explain my health and what comes with it ( that now I'm way more listening to my feelings just to be in peace) she just answered me with a thumb up ... 👍
Ok sure.
But the third time, I came back to her, said okay this time I'm feeling better, and she responded on a super cold tone "that won't be possible have a good day".

Your bloody PASSIVE AGRESSIVE tone is just killing me/us. 

If you got a problem explain it to us. We (neuroAtypical) don't understand your passive agressive tone like that, your messages which in the end mean something else, ughhhh so tired with that. But we sense things. 
Then I found out this person has unfollowed me on Instagram, no problem I'll do the same I won't be weeping for that. But omg you are soooo easily offended and you act in a way that is not ok AT ALL.

I just can't deal with people living in hypocrisy like that I'd rather be off without them. Having to fight a bit when there's misunderstanding is fine, we cannot agree on everything but in the end wow just let it go... So much ego.

I mean who are you to decide for myself ?

Anyway, hopefully there are people like Ley who doesn't push you and who just let you be yourself.
Having nice pictures is cool, but spending a good time doing them is better.

Outfit :

Dress: Necessary Evil

Blurry pic but I like it 




women classic dress

Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Rain came after the sun

Hello Dears,

I recently met Meito Pictures for a new photoshoot !
We went in Parc Monceau in Paris and I don't even remember shooting there yet so perhaps it was the first time... but not sure.
My memories back when I used to shoot a lot more, are pretty foggy.
Anyway, it was fun ! Don't rely on the fact that I never smile on the pictures haha

I wanted to shoot my current favourite belt !
Got it on Vinted for 3€ and I love its "western/heavy 80s rockstar" look.
Paired it with my Capri pants from Hell Bunny,
Shein Crop Top
And super old thrifted jacket 
Plus, last but not least my Jadon boots as I think I never wore them on a photoshoot before.
(They super trendy hence every blogger has at least one picture wearing them so it kind of annoyed me a bit..I didn't wanted to shoot them until now lol)

This is pretty simple, but I liked the idea of doing a new photoshoot again and to put myself in this place I needed a comfortable outfit.



Tuesday, June 08, 2021



Hello Dears !

Long time no see, but I wanted to pop on here even if this platform is quite deserted now that i'm on Youtube ...
I've been digging through allll my last posts from here and on Instagram as well and.. oh my !
I can see again how much I changed and not only physically but I can actually realize how much my moods were real... Like i didn't know that hahaha
But when I see myself years ago (let's say around 2015 because I think that was my blooming days haha) and I am not sad about how I changed physically anymore, but I feel so proud of this girl! I know it is quite superficial and the imposter syndrome is always here but it's important to take a look at your past sometimes. Not to live in the past but just to check the difference. Two years ago, I would have said what was that girl about... Too many parties yak
But now I'm like "eh" and so what ? Yes I did party I lived the best years (even if I had to go to hospital at one point) I didn't care I had so many interests and things to do !
Then, I look back at the last few years which were way darker and I didn't even realized that. Funny though, cause the darkest years of my life were the ones I kind of wanted to make the goth out of me disappear lol
Which in the end is impossible 

Now I am again a new version of myself, a bit more stabilized but I don't want to speak too soon. 
Future Lorna will be like "who were you kidding girl" and this is the difference ; now I see all of that.
Which I just couldn't before, you know, get this horizon of possibilities in front of me.

Zebra top: H&M

Black and white collar dress: Deandri

Black satin top: H&M


Monday, April 26, 2021



Hi everyone !

I've found out about this website ! Have you ordered from them yet ? What  did you think ?
It is called Milanoo.
They have a very nice selection of retro shoes and classic vintage dresses.
I love how they have such a good spring/summer vibe.
Plus it's super affordable!

If you like patent shoes this is the place. I am a big fan of babies as I don't really know how to walk in high heels, and they have a wide range of this type of sandals to offer.

Go check it out!


Friday, March 19, 2021

Black Butterfly

Hi all!
Here are the following pictures from our photoshoot with Virginie !
This dress is amazing, I love its fabric, and can we speak about this neckline ?
I'm a EU 42, and this is a 2XL. I lost bit around the bust so its a bit large, but I would still advise you to size larger (I should normally take XL) . The fabric is also bit stretchy which is really comfortable to wear.
You can still use the discount code !  LORNA15 and you get 15% off the whole website here:

Funny that I share a black dress on a black day. Yep, lockdown have returned! Not that I want to debate on whether it was necessary or not, Vax and antivax, this is totally not my place and i'm not taking part in any conspiracy movement. No, I just have been again disappointed by someone. I think this is my fate I don't know haha
And mostly I'm pretty sure I scare people out. When someone dates me, he/she has the guts to show it to the world. I don't know why, I'm not girlfriend material ? I'm not someone too needy so I really don't know. I bet it's because I talk openly about my disorders, flaws whatever you wanna call it. I wan't even in love, I was just kind of hooked on this relationship which was reallyyyyy nice actually ! I felt free and I had such great time. This is a total questioning to me, I just don't understand.
So, my heart hurts a bit cause once moreI'm convinced that it is my fault.

Women classic dress


Pearls are vintage
Dress from Retro-stage
Shoes (old) New Look


Monday, March 15, 2021

2021 Daffodil | Retro-stage clothing

Hi all!
I'm happy to tell you that I had the pleasure to collaborate with Retro-stage clothing for their Spring/summer collection !
Recently discovered their website and it has sooo many items I already love.
If you like what you see, then I got a 15% discount code for you. 💃💖
It's available until April the 9th , don't miss it out !

Apart from this, I just started a new administration course and I am so pleased to do it. I've been waiting for a year now ! So it was time haha
I'm not used to work out from home though and I'm so tired at the end of the day... even if I didn't move at all... that's new to me !
At least, I did shot some cool pics with Virginie Zilbermann again 😏

Check out my Youtube video to see the unboxing 💛


Yellow Sweetheart 1950s Dress : Retro-stage Clothing

Petticoat from Amazon

Brooch and necklace vintage

Salome heels : New Look (old)



Friday, February 19, 2021

Deandri in Paris

Hi all!

I've met my friend Lara again for some photos I'll hope you'll like it!

I've not totally achieved the goal I wanted in my weight, but I'm very happy about how much confidence it gave me. I'm not afraid to say this. I've been waiting for this for a long time.

I haven't wear those shoes in a year because they weren't modest enough for me when I got them. But in a weird way I find them really minimalistic ! Am sure I may be the only one haha


Jacket; Pull&Bear 

Top; Stradivarius 

Skort; Deandri

Bagpack; Vova

Belt; Dollskills

Boots Trevonna by Dr Martens