Saturday, June 30, 2018


Hello Dears,

Meanwhile goth tends to be more and more popular and because I don't have any meds now I feel very weird about it... So I decided, I'd wear colours ! haha.
No I'm kidding that's not related.
I love this very pale green ( and that grey marble wall behind me ) it's a very casual dress and vintage ... what else ? :)

Thanks to Virginie again <3

I can't tell you where does the items come from ... they're all thrift !


Saturday, June 23, 2018

How unknown is your pleasure right now ?

Hello Dears,

this month there is a new Dr Martens collection which reunites three Peter Saville artworks. As a big fan of new wave I totally fell for it !
Joy Division "Unknow Pleasures" album cover and two New Orders "Technique" and my favorite "Power, Corruption & Lies".

So go at your nearest Dr Martens store 💘


Shoes from New Look
Capri Pants from Hell Bunny
Belt from Dolls Kill
T-Shirt limited edition on Dr Martens

Take care,


Thanks to Alpha Vice my awesome photographer !

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Wit and Wisdom

Hello Dears,

( Yes "wit and wisdom" as in Ravenclaw )

I hope you are well. I was feeling so tired these days. It might have something to do with the Moon.. 
if you folks believe in it 🌛

oh and I am finally empowering a bit now; it has been a very long stay in depression! And I think I have handled it pretty good this time, assuming I don't have any medicines anymore. But the complex about my body has begun to be harder and harder. I thought I'd lost weight after stopping the mental drugs but nooope: in fact when some of it turned my anorexia into bulimia and then in simple craving but very frequent ; drugs or no you still feel "hungry". 
Anyhow; I believe you can shut it down when you empower yourself because acceptance is the key.
but boy how complicated this is to find !


Kimono dress by COS
Stradivarius bag
Shoes thrift
Glasses thrift

Thanks to Virginie Zilbermann for the pictures once again


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Zaful 4th anniversary

Hello Dears,
here are some few items I loved on Zaful recently.
Love their print !

It's currently Zaful 4th Anniversary so you can have a lot of choice and some promo codes too !
Use code " ZFSally " All orders use the code ,  over $100 save $12  ( 1 time limited )
Use code" ZFSally " All orders use the code  , over $50  save $ 6     ( 1 time limited )
Use code" ZFSally " All orders use the code  , over $25  save  $ 3    ( 1 time limited ) 
Please note: Each customer could only use each coupon for one time.

Enjoy your shopping xxx

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sunny Dream

Hello Dears!

I just LOVE yellow. 
I think I really I discovered it last summer, and when I think about it I discovered red last winter, so we could easily say I now have 3 colours in my counter ;)
No, of course at home, all my indoors decoration is pink or blue (yes I want both baby colours)  but I try not to be bored with black (even .. how could I , really?) so I tend to change and yellow in summer... I think it's so strong! 
I need to feel powerful so let's do this ⚡


Top from H&M
Palazzo pants by Zaful
Vintage Bag
Dr Martens Voss model

(love this bow in the back!)

Special thanks to my photographer Virginie Zilbermann 💕