Friday, August 17, 2018

Dead Girl

Hello Dears,

Today I won't write the outfit list because ; first it's mainly thrift and second you know the shoes are Vans so no need to make you a link to it ...
I'm becoming a bit disgusted by all the shopping field (fun fact I'm getting promoted and I love working for my brand but still) no seriously but, but the customers, oh god the customers.
That's no problem to me that people are more and more interested in my brand. No the problem, is the whole concept of creating yourself some needs when you definitely don't need those products. And fashion, or even other ranges are highly touched by the commercial aspect, and I know that of course it's understandable nowadays. What I don't get is for the people (the rich ones cause let's face it it's a rich problem if a store doesn't have your size for an item you "crave") to be this connected to fake needs and desires.
I'll stop writing about it cause thinking of it makes me sick.
Yup i said that.


Thanks again to Lara Guffroy for the photoshoot xxx

Thursday, August 16, 2018


I felt so good back there. Happy because I knew it was something short and you always have to enjoy each moment, just to be sure you won't regret anything.
It's a big, fat and beautiful city. I had been enchanted to meet her.

I knew I was totally disconnected from Paris and its circles of pressure. Because, the first week I came back I had to struggle to get into the patterns used here.
Now, I'm back at the patterns , and the stress it releases.
It doesn't feel good.

Hope you had a lovely summer as we did ,


Monday, August 06, 2018


Hello Dears!

I hope you are fine. I came back from Marseille and it was so cool !
I will post some pictures of it because it is really pretty and I really liked the atmosphere. People would say it can be creepy, cause some places are very poor and guys hit on us like all the time ... 
But , well it's France I figure! And they're not as stubborn as in Paris. You just have to tell them to go away and that's it, I swear  ! I haven't been insulted or looked very badly afterwards. So slightly different from the capital, although I won't go there by myself at night haha.
I went early in the morning in town , at the market and it was okay (even though guys were still talking to me) but yeah it's better when you're around friends. And to enjoy the place too! 
So nice, that I prefer to share it with them <3

Back in Paris, I had the chance to shoot with Romie , I hope you'll enjoy the shoot xxx


Top is from Asos
Vintage belt
Monki skirt
Vagabond shoes

If I don't die from the extreme heat , speak soon !

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Helsinki 2018


Hi Dears,

So I've been to Finland ! That's it :)
I was sooo happy because it has been a long time since I wanted to continue my Northern trip. I've been to Copenhagen twice and really enjoyed it. But looking at the Nordic destinations, I discover that Finland isn't really part of Scandinavia as I thought, and as I think most people believe.
In fact, it's language hasn't got the same german roots at all! I couldn't even guess what people were talking about (kind of confusing for a nosey Parisian like me lol). The origins are still blurred but it is quite close to Estonian, Russian (of course) and also Turkish I have been told. And now that I heard it I clearly see, this round sound less guttural than Swedish or danish.

People have been so nice to me, from beginning to the end (I also met a french follower *poke Julie* which I deeply thank for asking me if I had a plan for my last day and about storing my suitcase).
So yeah pretty good but short stay !

Although, the lightning was so harsh my eyes were pretty sore at the end because when it's summer ... well it's really summer they are not joking!
They only have like 3h of night to sleep... I admit you have to loose your Netflix habit otherwise you never sleep. I came back in France looking like a Panda. Yup.

 the Allas Sea Pool complex (with sea water in the pool!)


I also visited a Toy Museum when I was in Suomenlinna . It was creepy as hell, I wouldn't hide. But really interesting because some dolls were so old. Like, there were these dolls from the 2nd war, and they had clothes which fit the period (not to mention the fake little airplane with some nazi signs on it...). Finland has also been the home of few well-known characters as Moomin the troll and the Trolls (with their crazy hair).

Suomenlinna was a fort island to protect from the Russian invaders in the 18th century and then from the English and French. It was so odd to think those tiny little hobbit holes were in fact used to hide their prisoner.
Have a look !

how cool is this boat girl in Dr Martens ?

Some people still live on the island ... reckon they have to get on a boat to shop groceries! It 's only 20min away though.

Finnish people have a large scene in music as if it's metal or techno; here they related all the emblematic clubs from Helsinki which really made me think of Berlin and the 80-90s techno rave.

And to finish (bad word play sorry) some pictures of the only church I really found beautiful in my whole life I think (apart from Notre Dame de Paris which I always have seen with some construction works still).
Uspenski Cathedral :

 Hope you enjoyed the quick overview of my stay !
Next week I'm heading to Marseille ... Not the same but still really wish to see some different landscape. 💗