Thursday, March 20, 2014

BAD and GOOD habits, What Society wants us to do.

All outfits:
-Semi cardigan/Dress With pearls: Creation by Doina Levintza
-Burgundy velvet platformshoes : Biba, House of Fraser
-White Dress, Zara. Available in my Vide Dressing Ebay widget !

Pictures by Ioana ,

Two opposed photoshoots.
 First this smoking vintage twist of the 20s with the transparency of the dress and fringes.
I wasn't really into posing with a fag , because I'm a non smoking person and-proud-to-be.
But I thought, well why not, we were doing these pictures for my blog also and yes I wanted to talked to you about this habit people hold.
To be social, I couldn't talk about other countries than France once again: so my point of view may be narrowed, you have to smoke.
 Why? As it's always seen really bad on ads, and in front of your doctor !
Well, I supposed people are a bit too much of a coward sometimes, and instead of stepping out the line they prefer to follow the lead.
The lead of whom? Of people who weren't even smoking person, perhaps in the first place !
But to get a pause break in your work, you can't say "oh I'm just breaking for 5-10min doing nothing, just staying in or going out to breathe some fresh air." No, that you can't.
But, to say I'm breaking in for few min, just to have a fag, that is clearly understable in society.
So WTF, how does that work ? How have we gone from struggling of to have a clean life , with foods and a nice place to live and not die too young, to keep this weapon gently settled between us.
I don't understand. And what I hardly even understand is that you cannot integrate yourself easily into a bunch of people if they smoke and you don't. Some will say, yes I can, but let's be honest ... It's weird no? Standing here, leaving your arms leaning there, while they seem to really do something.
Anyway, that's too long for me to chat about it deeper but that's clearly my point of view.

We always hear: eat your greens. 5 a day. Etc. 
But when one does so , they get terribly lectured.
I mean, who knows a vegan or vegetarian, who hasn't been into some kind of "talks" with people when they say they are. And it always ends meanful.
My fiancée is a vege and always has those talks with people , even me sometimes I act like a curious who asks for things , even I know she eats just like me apart from meat.
So it's stupid, because she and vege & vegan are just using much more capacity of food , without restraining themselves like people used to, by eating at each meal : meat/potatoes or pasta/ fake vegetables like peas.
So when have we stopped to deny real food? Those which grows naturally, and without any transformation ?
I mean, last month I was sick and God I was so happy to eat real food, a real apple, or banana when I could.

So this week after the International non-eating meat Day and Happiness Day (yes it does exist!) I spread consciousness to people who acts or acted like me once, and know it's hard when you are not in a row.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Polaroïd and pictures by Ioana from

Hello Dears,
I'm not a huge hat person but I am falling in love more and more of Hat accesorizing.
I'm planning to order a great summer one and I hope it will suit me...
I'm so delighted because I love hats for this season.
And bags!
Oh god I seriously have a problem with bags these days, vintage or new , there is always a good reason to buy one indeed !

This look is a 70s look, I like how I managed to mix the youth and the adults of the decade, thanks of the different textures of the items.
For this I combined:
A Vintage lended melon hat
Wedges in wood and leather with Richelieu design, from Zara
Vintage leather midi skirt
Vintage silk blouse

Getting ready for a next post about... Well... Let's say 'habits' !

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Photos by Romanian Photographer Ioana:

I oftenly say I dont like Paris. Even though ... I work every day here.
Why , you'll tell me ?
Well the smell mostly, the angry people, but mainly the smell and this feelings of looking forward to come home to have a bath.
Not because its big Town , you know What they say about big towns... No , London is not like it, Copenhaguen is not like it, i dont know about New York, I couldnt compare, but Montréal isnt either.
Maybe Barcelona, but they have the excuse of the weather, worst in the warmth.
But among all the facts that make me dislike it, I have to admit I love working there.
As I came from the suburbs it makes me my little fresh air of half open-minded people, nothing to do With the narrow I can cross on my way here.
Some girls just gave me a bad look Again earlier in the train, and were asking each other if I was serious about being dress as I was.
I closed my ears and shut my eyes, and listen to my Music.
Thats all I have to do.
I'm tired.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Red and Matte.

Little review on my last make up purchases...

I went to an Other Stories store opened recently in Paris, and I was crazy about their makeup and hair items.
I Only bought some makeup items and There they are:

- the Face Cleaner, I highly recommend it . It s really Nice, scent as texture, I love it !
- the mascara, I first laugh at the packaging ! I'm not into men so that was so funny imagining which type of Guy on the design I Will choose... Its not super great, but Still not a bad one.
- the Shade, well... I m not using it if I'm going to have a long day !
The Shade dosent last, but fades and slips during the first hour... Its a shame because I loved the colour.

Little Kitty With the three last ones... And not least !
(From left to right)
- liner pencil, Rimmel. Meant to be waterproof... Well, not at all ! But anyway its a perfect precision of lining, so easy to use.
- the Matte me, Sleek. If you love as much matte finish as I do , well you Will ADORE it ! "C'est mon nouveau chouchou!"
-the mascara Scanadaleyes, Rimmel. This twisted shape makes your eyelashes look AWESOME !
You can buy it on as I did, or order it straight from the brand I suppose, or maybe at your local supermarket Perhaps !

So... Convinced by the matte lipstick ? ;)