Monday, March 03, 2014

Red and Matte.

Little review on my last make up purchases...

I went to an Other Stories store opened recently in Paris, and I was crazy about their makeup and hair items.
I Only bought some makeup items and There they are:

- the Face Cleaner, I highly recommend it . It s really Nice, scent as texture, I love it !
- the mascara, I first laugh at the packaging ! I'm not into men so that was so funny imagining which type of Guy on the design I Will choose... Its not super great, but Still not a bad one.
- the Shade, well... I m not using it if I'm going to have a long day !
The Shade dosent last, but fades and slips during the first hour... Its a shame because I loved the colour.

Little Kitty With the three last ones... And not least !
(From left to right)
- liner pencil, Rimmel. Meant to be waterproof... Well, not at all ! But anyway its a perfect precision of lining, so easy to use.
- the Matte me, Sleek. If you love as much matte finish as I do , well you Will ADORE it ! "C'est mon nouveau chouchou!"
-the mascara Scanadaleyes, Rimmel. This twisted shape makes your eyelashes look AWESOME !
You can buy it on as I did, or order it straight from the brand I suppose, or maybe at your local supermarket Perhaps !

So... Convinced by the matte lipstick ? ;)


  1. Time Balm's packing is marvelous! I'd likely buy it for that alone. There just aren't enough brands (at least not on the shelves in my wee corner of Canada) with beautiful vintage inspired packaging like that.

    Enjoy your delightful new beauty products, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hehe. Love the photo with the kitty! :D


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