Sunday, March 06, 2016

Made in England

Hello Lovers
Yes again a suede skirt ! (From Mad Vintage Clothing once more!)
It's a thing I think; when I'm into some new purchases I need to owned it in several shapes, colors, details... Cause of course they're not all the same !
This one for example is very "pretty" like in the little-freshly-blossomed-flowerly-pretty style you see! So I added some touch rougher to it: the black boots, the manly polo knit top (and of course my big hair).

The Knit Polo is vintage I can't remember from where but it is made in england; it written on the label I swear !
As for the boots, they are the Made in UK collection from Dr Martens (I know you 're bored because I'm kind of sponsored right) so I guessed it matches. It still also matches the "you call me a skin, but I'm a nice one" though.
Oh and I may be tagged made in England too, so I think I banked the jackpot now!

*lame casino reference you know*
*who read this anyway*

Love you folks;

Thanks to Lara Guffroy for those amazing pictures, again.

details from the knitted polo


  1. I love your sweater! :) the embroidered design is really catchy! YOu look fab dear! :)

    Rica |

  2. Scalloped hems are such joyful fashion elements, aren't they? Much like a bouquet of daisies or basket of bunnies, it's hard to look at them and not burst out into a cheerful smile.

    Many hugs, stylish lady!
    ♥ Jessica


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