Thursday, January 09, 2014

SheInside Review

Hi dears ,
Today I'm going to review something I was not really happy about. Sometimes it happens!
Well I'm not proud to have let myself buying clothes on a sort of Chinese made clothing, I know.

But I think when I love a picture of a dress that I really want to own I cannot stop myself !
Stupid I guess.

Anyway, in the parcel that arrived yesterday morning; I had two lovely dress ordered.
One really nice, houndstooth and velvet, which I m looking forward to shoot so I can show you how it's like.
And the other one... Well, too tight firstly and well... Not finished ! The sewing wasn't complete, there were threads everywhere, the little pearls on the collars could have fallen in a second.
I'm not angry or upset because I know, now I won't let myself get trapped in something like that anymore. I know, I should have let my feelings about vintage ad to only buy some quality clothes that last in time, and not some sort of material in which if you come close to a candle you burn fully ! 
Haha, no seriously, I was a bit disappointed cause the dress seems nice on the website...

Dresses from SheInside

Come on, it had horses on the bottom ! ... :(

Suited well my hair and make up of the day, this one... :)

And you what are you ashamed of buying these days?

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  1. I keep seeing people dressed in this brand on Lookbook. And I'm glad that I've never purchased anything from there because I've been hearing bad things about it


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