Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 Plans

(English translation Underneath)

Des résolutions ?
Malheureusement je n'en ai pas tellement... Je peux pas me dire d'arrêter de fumer ou autre vice, car croyez moi ou non je ne fume pas, je ne bois pas, la nourriture ne me pose (i hope) pas de problème . Mes yeux fonctionnent toujours à moitié mais ils sont là, et je fais un métier qui me passionne.

D'ailleurs voici un shoot que j'aurais du vous publier depuis un bout de temps, j'aime tellement ce type de streetstyle.

I must tell the fringe was hard to get rounded as the haircut of the model is really punk-like !

The team is Jerome Dantelespagnol photographer,
Model is Marine DL,
Assistant Photo is Sophie Boss,
Hair by Cherry Crown.

Do I have some better resolution to hold this year ?
I dont really, I cannot say I will quit smoking or something else, cause I just don't drink, don't smoke, I don't have a problem with food, living with a vegeterian is enough healthy. My eyes keep working , halfly, but still they re here, and I got a work that makes me happy.

So what else ?

What else, well I profoundly want to move out of France..maybe one day not far from now, all this could be possible. Who knows in 2014 maybe ?


  1. Though I'm very content with the town where we live now (thankfully!), I know all too well that burning, soul consuming desire to move locations. I have this interesting duality to my soul of both wanting to set down roots (that's the homebody in me speaking) and also being a bit of a traveling gypsy in the season of happily roaming where the winds (or my dreams) may blow, and so, often, after a while in a place, even when I love it, I often long to head off somewhere new again, too. I really hope your desire to move is able to come to fruition, honey.

    Joyful wishes for every day of 2014,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I hope you will be able to move soon doll, I like moving sometimes. I hope I will be able to move as well in time. Gorgeous pictures. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. Hello lovely...Just seen your comment, thank you. I found the dress moved quite a lot when I first put it on. To give it a more 50's movement, I put some tulle underneath it and that made the movements better for me. No flying around in the wind or anything like that, it made it sit better. So, I would recommend some tulle under it :) And it was comfy to wear too! Xoxox

  4. You sound like you're living a pretty healthy and happy life! I wish you even more in 2014!


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