Wednesday, January 01, 2014

First day of the Year

STUPID as it sounds, I'm gonna talk to you about some stuff used for the 31st of December. But anyway, you could even use it for any other occasion.

Ça paraît un peu stupide dis comme ça mais voici mes vernis fétiches du 31 Déc. Qui sait une autre occas' pourrait d'annoncer où vous suivrez mes conseils ;)

Dark purple With strass, vernis Kiko
Vous remarquerez que je me suis amélioré à la technique du nail art de la dernière fois.
Allez faites moi plaisir...

The Green strass one I used for Christmas ;)

And my roots nail color by American Apparel,
La touche de rose est signée American Apparel :)

Enjoying a lovely dinner meal all cooked by my beloved

My faux bang hairstyle of the 31st, when we were supposed to go ice skating...
I hate when it's not snowing in Dec, here !

How was yours guys?
Comment etait votre reveillon?



  1. Happy New Year doll!! Love the nail colours, they are gorgeous!! The meal your beloved cooked looked wonderful. I like your bangs as well, your glasses are sweet. I hope you have a gorgeous new year filled with love and happiness. And you get to go and do all that you wish xx

  2. Love the colours :) The answer to your question is on my blog ;)

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    Loved your Blog :*


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