Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review: Benefit and Too Faced

Hi Dears,
I just love those two brands I knew about but never faced buying them in stores.
Don't know why, cause it's pretty awesome .

So, beginning with Benefit...
I knew the brand, the packaging, but never tried the Brow Bar.
Which is I reckon, a cool name.
I always , had my brows waxed in a French institute and... Well They have seen better days ! Haha. Always something wrong, even when I explained I liked them big and large. There was always the idontwantitsothin result. Erf.
And, then was the day I discover Benefit !

I wanted to use my gift card in Sephora, so I browse cool things there (including what I m about to show you) and took an appointment.

Don't be scared, but this one of my brow Before, being BenefitTED ;)

And then after , that was quick ;)

Now, I'll post a better picture but you can see the shades I put on are on a nice pinky powder touch, I love it.

So, here comes TOO FACED.

I adore the funny sexy names of the shades by the way, especially Voulez Vous, haha French will always be seen as the Romantic language. You should hear, some French speak now, it would ruin your fantasy !

And some nice details, to put the shades on.

In two words, Benefit and Too Faced, are the new cosmetics brands I tried recently and approved. My brows totally agree with btw, for the Brow Bar, you can find in your nearest Benefit store and for this discovery also:

The Gimme Brow! A volumatising gel which creates structure, when you have some tiny non haired space in your brows ;)
It's the good "entre deux" when you don't want to cover them in make up and don't wanna go out all nude. I love the dotted style !

As I don't often wear my bang down, this is a simple pic to show you my 70s outfit of the other day. I had this Dallas hairstyle it was kind of funny.

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  1. These sound really great! I've been meaning to get something like this for my brows. You look lovely in the picture at the bottom too. Thank you for the sweet comment, am happy you enjoy my blog. Am happy to have found yours too, love it!! Great style :)) My Christmas was grand, I hope yours was too doll. Have a sweet week :) Xxx Kizzy.


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