Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day #2

And because it's Boxing Day , another post the same day...
As I said I had a wonderful Christmas...

With my Love Anouchka...

My gingerbread men feet;)

A splendid Christmas cake , okay we cheated its Marks and Spencer's, and poor middle star is a bit broken !

Comfy Xmas ,

And tadam! The Girlfriend Coat by Tara Starlet, I was telling about ...
Told you so !
Sorry for the car behind.

Presies to be continued... 
Wishing you all best wishes.


  1. Oh THE girlfriend coat! It looks perfect on you. I had my eyes on it as well, but bought another one because I always have to pay so much taxes if I order from Tara Starlet. When I see you, I regret it a little…. I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you lovely days till New Year. Lots of love, xxx

  2. What a super darling coat! You look perfectly happy in your cozy Christmas setting and I hope you had a wonderful time my dear! :-)


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