Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mein Birth Tag !

Today I really wish to talk Christmassy ;)
But There's one thing I havent mention yet, and its Pretty a big deal to me so ...
Yes , cause one thing Before another, the 29th it was my birthday.
Okay don't want to brag or anything but I love when its my birthday.
To me it has to stay looong, like if you can keep the festivities during a whole week , you got my point !
No seriously, i succeeded and keep it 6 days... Wicked !

Not that I'm a great fan of partying, no... just having whether lunch or dinner with friends, family, my Love, her family, well, you feel that it was made for a special occasion and it's rather pleasant.

I had many things on this birthday , always Am a bit ashamed of being spoiled like this... in which Case this year I was stunned by being offered an IPhone...
Me . With one of the kind. It's like my phone is a relic now !
I couldn't believe it.

Loving my iPhone case Cath Kidston...

And this Paul & Joe kittens package ...

And mainly when it pops out !

I also had wonderful outfits, but I keep it secret till I shoot them all ...

A Clara Ferrand Photography, With hairstyle by Cherry Crown and rose suit by Kenley Collins.


  1. Hi dear Lorna!
    Thanks for the comment in my blog; This rose suit by Kenley it's been a dream of mine for quite a while...hope I can get it someday <3

  2. The kitty lipstick is so cute, how can you bear to use it! I want to look at it as an ornament


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