Thursday, December 19, 2013

First base

Hi dears,
Today I was in the mood of posting you some tutorial about make up.
Well, it's late in Paris but actually you're all spread around the world so anyway it'll be useful if you read this by night, thus you know what to do in the morning !

Step by step

First, I'll let you notice I am mad of Kiko Cosmetics which brand I talked to you earlier in posts. Some people say it's rubbish, but I actually wear it really softly, it's easy to use and not expensive at all. Even, make up artists, friends of mine, are fond of this brand so why not try if you want to !
I am not narrow-minded , and if you have other cosmetic brands to mention , don't hesitate !
Well let's go ;)


(Hi, I've got a real tired face without m-u)

So basically you only tiptoe where you need to, with the concealer, you don't paint with it lol, it's with some slight touching that you do the best work! For my part I don't have any spots, so I'll only put it on the rings, and to give some light under my eyebrows.

(Then I'm a funny panda)

With the foundation, unify the skin , beginning on the cheeks to bond with the part you cover before. I'll tiptoe again, making some bigger moves to reach each part(forehead, over the ears, chin and neck!)
(Don't put too much, a little is just enough;)

I'll reckon I have to tell you, that you obviously use one tone lighter than your skin , which means in my opinion using some really pale color if you could wear it without having a ghost resemblance, of course.
This is mine: 

(The sponge should be white, don't forget to change it it's not expensive if you're not in the clouds as I am...)
Powder puff everywhere with a sponge, drawing to the extremities(neck and borders even the eyebrows if you do them later!)

And blush out !

(Yes I have a strong arm...)

This is the kinda brush you should use, so much easier to apply when you know you shouldn't use this big puffy one you used to call your blush brush...
The shade depends in what impression you want to give, if I want something really soft and romantic I use more of pinky one.
But I usually rather use a darker peach one, so it's more intense and bring some "joy" in my pale skin !

(Always put some powder light base on the eyes before any make up !)
I prefer using some yellow brush (an estompe type we call it in France) so it differs with my "estompe" black brush, that I use for color shade and everything.

Then do what you want ! I do my usual , but this was the idea of the first base of your skin shade ;)
Hope it will help!

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