Monday, December 23, 2013

Fluffly winter coats #2

So do you remember MOUMOUTTE ?
Yes, you do.
Well Thats not exactly the same, but its kind of in the move that I get these days , and I really adore it.

You might have notice that the 60s are back. Well, for a 40s lover like me, its ashame but anyway i think  we could all get something new by mixing styles, even when they're vintage ! And that makes you "unique".

I bought a lovely coat that I wish I could show you -so that means hopefully a new streetstyle shooting soon-, and by buying it, I made a big mistake. I just realize my fiancée might have bought it for my Christmas present... Will find out in two days now !

The thing cool with this type of coat is that , you can wear the MOUMOUTTE on or not, and it still look wonderful. I really love the fact that there are round buttons to fix and you can't deny Victorienne looks so great here.
The make up was made by Dita Make Up, the clothes are from Her Name is Rita , and the photo by the fab Ewa Cieszkowska. Of course, I made the hair !
Details on Cherry Crown.

I love that the sixties coats could be in this material, whether simple like the white one or a bit tweedy.

The Tara Starlet ones are just simply magnificent. I might buy one , one day ... ;)

What do you think do you like it ?

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