Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Because it's no longer my Birthday... Autumn is finishing its days among us.
The grass 's gone slightly white.

Thats why I thought I should show you this autumnal series.
Photographer is Kyle Fireson, his work is really cool you should check him out!

Fake fringe and hairstyle: Cherry Crown
Dress: Purrfect Kat Vintage
Cape: found on EBay , brand unknown
Heels: New Look
Feather accessory: Accessorize


  1. These images are just grand! Your makeup, hairstyle, outfits, divine. I really see that you thought a lot about composition and the splashes of reds from the berries in the backdrop to your wonderful coat are so artistic. Lovely! Can I say how much I love your fringe!

  2. Oh thank you so much... I always hope that What I post Will touch someone as much As it does to me...
    Thanks Again for sharing your thoughts Joanna !


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