Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Vintage Lesson for the pretty Hair

Hello from 2014, everyone!
(French translation )

First new thing I could add to my résumé , is that I just turned into Pr. Lorna !
It was clearly not something easy to do.
I knew I was not the kind of person into all this teaching stuff, most of all being patient with the other, I almost manage everyday to be patient with myself, Hairstyling is all about it. But no, definitely being patient with someone else you know, it's rather more difficult than what we could imagine.
Because, you think that even what you can do is a bit tough, you never guess that it's hard enough to consider yourself gifted, with what you can do.
So, it turns out that it made me took a bit more confidence, something I could not let it pass.
And after all, it was a really great first experience.

I now, I used to but not as I do today, totally respect teachers ! It's also a gift in a way...

Nouvelle chose que je pourrais ajouter a mon Cv, en cette nouvelle année c'est que je me suis transformée en prof...
Ce n'était pas facile.
Je le savais déjà que j'étais pas quelqu'un de pédagogue, surtout se montrer patient avec autrui, c'est déjà assez de pouvoir l'être avec moi même et ..bien.. La coiffure c'est énormément de patience.
Mais du coup, cela s'est montre même plus dur que ce que j'imaginais.
En fait, même si je ne prends pas pour la meilleure du monde en coiffure, on ne réalise jamais vraiment la différence d'un métier qu'on maîtrise avec quelqu un qui y est novice.
Donc , tant mieux c'est un point ou cela me rapporte un peu de confiance en moi et je n'irais pas jusqu'à la refuser :)

Mais c'était surtout une super première expérience. Maintenant, bien qu'avant aussi, mais aujourd'hui tout particulièrement j'eprouve un grand respect pour les professeurs.

Not everyone can do it.
Being in front of everyone, standing alone, talking out loud (and enough loud so everybody can hear you!), answer to everybody but one at a time, and deal with the less motivated... Wow.

Pas tout le monde n'y arrive.
Être en face de tout le monde, rester debout et parler bien fort (je pense qu'on ne m'entendait pas au début...) répondre à chacun mais l'un après l'autre, et faire face à ceux un peu moins intéressés par ce que vous racontez... Wow.

So thanks to Ewa Cieszkowska the photographer of the end of the Atelier, Dita Make Up teaching the Makeup lesson, and the other pinup clothing saleswomen guests and all the students, everything was possible and I enjoyed this intense day.

Of course , you can stare at my little feet in my flats but I really wanted to be cool in shoes, I could be steady and standing all day long.

Soon, a streetstyle Blog post I was willing to show you :)



  1. Hey dear!
    Thanks so much for following my blog, that means a lot to me :) Also I gave you an answer to your comment about BB Creams on my blog: http://www.clothesandcamera.com/2014/01/tried-and-tested-garnier-bb-cream.html#comment-form
    Have a nice day!

  2. I'd happily be your student anytime, dear gal! You strike me as a lovely, warm, helpful teacher and expert of your craft.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. This looks like a lot of fun, but a little stressful. I would forget what to say while I was talking to everyone. But, they look very interested in what is being said, so that is a great thing. I will be your student, it would be fun to learn these things :D Well done you!! I hope you have a fantastic week doll :) Xoxo Kizzy.

  4. your look is so cool! did you always dress like this?

    I'd love if you would also check out my blog: http://afashionneverland.blogspot.com/

  5. It looks like fun but I can imagine that it can be stressful too! You looked magnificent so I am sure you had their full attention!


  6. Thanks for stopping by lovely! Oooh, looks like fun but so scary at the same time! lol... Looks like you nailed it!

    - Gina
    Margarita Bloom: Retro Beauty & Skincare

  7. Woow that's awesome, great work Pr.Lorna! I'd never have the guts to start up and speak in front of everyone and teach. It takes alot of guts! Congrats :P and thank you for the comment on my blog ;)


  8. Hello gorgeous!
    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    This looks like fun-I certainly need lessons, as I am terrible at doing my hair! X

  9. Aloha Lorna,
    thank you so much for your lovely comment=)
    Oh I cant write my posts in english because I think my english isnt too badly for it.
    I have a little google translation on my blog and maybe it would be "enough" for the first time and you could be my new follower;-)
    It would be very happy.
    I follow you know because I like, no not like, love youre pictures!
    Youre hair oh my gosh <3
    lots of love from germany
    yours Jen

  10. Hello Lorna...
    I really enjoy reading your blog. It would mean a lot if you check and follow mine if you like.
    xoxo Nika


  11. I'm sure you did wonderfully! It looks like so much fun! I wish you a darling day, dear gal!


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