Sunday, January 26, 2014

Feeling sleepy.

Hey guys !
Simple post, to tell that I Am so tired even the week end is over and I should be resourced , and refreshed...
Well, no.
I wasn't feeling so well Saturday, maybe a little cold and sleepless, but I struggled as I went to work tired...
First shoot, then second shoot, and I felt so dumb to tell People I don't really know much, things like 'don't worry even if I'm tired I'll be there, I won't let you down.' You see, I think when people met someone who automatically seems weak they push the button too deep. -it's a French phrase so I don't know if it sounds funny-. So there I was, wanting so hard to go to sleep, and the team asking me oh one more hairstyle, and one more , blablabla.
I won't mention who they are cause that doesn't matter. And they do a really awesome job.
I'm pretty sure you guys will like the pics when they ll be out, on Cherry Crown by Lorna Facebook page.
That was a tiny but so last thing in my life being so weak I didn't want to take position. Arriving at the fifth (surprisingly) hairstyle I said no.
And sometimes, saying no FEELS GOOD !
You gain respect, cause you re no more this little weak person who's torment apart without saying a word.
Anyway, just this to say that tomorrow will be Monday , I'm still tired and a new week is beginning ...
Cheers up everybody, alle ist gut !

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  1. Oh no, it's always extra rough to begin the week feeling even more knackered then when you capped off the last one. I'm sorry that such is the case for you right now, sweetheart, and hope that you'll be able to get some sleep and extra rest really soon.

    ♥ Jessica


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