Saturday, February 01, 2014

La vie en rose.

Everyone seems to see 'la vie en rose' these days ...
This pale , pastel color which suits me really well so I can have my Dark hair without being qualified of a goth... Well, i have to admit I Still Am!
But I dont care, anyway this lovely trend is taking our hearts, ladies and this is why through my differents jobs I wanted to share my vision of it.

Myself posing for Clara Ferrand, Make up by Soumia Hachemi.

My work : Cherry Crown, on Hey!Dickface, famous French blogger

Myself posing for Amandine Adrien, Petitcoat from Jule et Lily, at City art Paris

Hope you enjoyed the pink !
Bisous froufrous xo


  1. You are really breath-taking, suits you!! Love the photos you did as well...happy weekend xx

  2. You are officially stunningly gorgeous, my sweet dear, I hope you know that! Wow, do these photos bring that point to the foreground. Each on is a total delight to see and admire.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Joyful Valentine's Day wishes!!!


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