Sunday, May 07, 2017

Tight blue jean

Hello Dears,

I swear I won't speak about politics ! In France , we're currently having this time we all think about this one topic even though we don't want to. It's like this inevitable thing. Like you may not know about Frozen // La Reine des Neiges but this you cannot hide from. And you cannot have no opinion on it.
Or, I don't think you do. 
Anyway, I said I won't speak about it. Let's just continue on me, myself and I as I always do haha.
I said I gain some weight, I'm not sure it's a "gain" but I do fill my jeans like .. enough now !
I was a size 32 in 2015 (xxs or UK 4) 36 in september 2016 (which is a size small or UK 8) and I'm now a little 40 (12 omg).
I don't know how fast this fat could have grown into my body but I'm pretty it is because of my job : let's complain about it a bit, would you !
I don't move a lot it's pretty static and it is in a commercial area where cheap food are good but not good as in healthy ...
I don't run anymore , I thought I would with my dog but I'm actually always tired and only walk him out...
I blame myself , a bit. But I actually missed my hips and bum ! I can wear some pin up clothes again ...
I knew I had to keep some of my stuff !
My style has evolved but it always comes back to black and retro ; I think it's coherent. No ?


Cardigan Monoprix
Polo from H&M
Vintage skirt from Episode
Tights from Asos

Brooch from Six (old)

Dr Martens Pascal Black Soft Buck limited edition

Thanks to my accurate photographer Virginie Zilbermann !

Speak soon ;
Lots of Love


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