Monday, May 29, 2017

Minnie Mouse

Hello Dears !

I really wanted to show you this outfit : it was one of my regular ones from this spring. It's actually truly hot here now in Paris but anyway!
This sheer armed shirt and vinyl jacket were thrifted in a big thrift shop/bazar we have here so no link needed ... But ! for the comfy trousers they were shopped in Pull&Bear and it changed my life haha.

When I used to have the retro look few years ago I couldn't bear wearing jeans or trousers and now I simply notice that you can still keep some vintage touch ... even without a dress or skirt !
Yes, I might have been narrow-minded..

The shoes are also bought from a friend , so indeed apart from the jeans : this is recycling ;)

I'm wearing the Too Faced palette on my eyes/ Limecrime matte lipstick/ Hema nail laquer

I had so much fun during this photoshoot ; thanks to Graziella:
She's in Paris <3


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  1. Je suis tellement fan de ta chemise !!!!!!!!!! <3 (j'en ai perdu mon anglais là tu vois)


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