Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bourdelle and Balenciaga

Hello Dears,
a very easy post only to say that I went to this cool exhibition about the Black tone of Balenciaga's work. It was settled at le Musee Bourdelle Paris 15eme, which was the location of Antoine Bourdelle sculptures in the early 1900.
I ALWAYS  wanted to visit it , but as I'm way too much self-centered: going outside of my confort zone was a no thanks... But on Tuesday I went there with my new (perfect ?) girl and the weather was so nice, we really appreciated the moment.
I should note that this museum is for its biggest part of its art , outside. so if you don't know what to do and you want to see some art while the sun is shining: go on !
Apart from the exteriors which were splendid I thought; there are also some indoors rooms.
 The Balenciaga exhibition fitted so well inside one of them cause it was in the darkest room and the black tone of both works ... matched very well.

some lights playing on the blackness of the statues and the blackness of shades

so my girlfriend is only one big denim jacket as you can see haha

this was the most ancient costume of the exhibition , a theater dress robe of the 1940s 

Thats all for now !
Leaving you with the magnificent horse statues from Bourdelle 



  1. Bon j'avais écrit un commentaire mega long mais en fait l'essentiel c'est que : les robes sont magnifiques :)

    1. Haha oui c'était Top à voir en vrai !


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