Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pere Lachaise et bleu layette

Hello Dears,
I hope you're all fine. It's finally summer in Paris and Parisians are avoiding their town ...
I feel like the roads are often empty it's weird, but it makes me want to go on holiday too now !
With my girls we're gonna plan a little trip in the South of France; and I've never been there so I'm pretty thrilled!
I want the sea, the shorts, the outfits you never get to wear in Paris because you're always "doing something", I want my feet in sandals I want no schedules I want to wake up when I wish to.
I know it's temporary and that makes it even more enjoyable , don't you think ?

My girlfriend already spent two weeks in the south with her family , I was afraid of being without her that long but it went okay; so that comforts me for the next step ... She's going away for a month in Isreal: a month !
I'll try to stay pretty active to make it less painful haha (wish me luck!)


Dress from Mad Vintage
Bag (old thrift)
Nike Blazer (thrift)

Lipstick : fair pink from ColourPop

photo credits: thanks to Virginie Z !



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  1. I love this summer vintage dress!
    Beautiful pics :)



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