Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Petite banlieusarde

Hello Dears,

I was told by my mom that my cat that I had since I was a kid, had fallen really sick I knew that he was old but not like this ... According to her, he went in the woods where he liked to go and get lost , to get lost one more time to hide us how he died. 
My mom had the feeling it was his last days and he never left the house these days, but oddly this time he went away and she couldn't find him... 
I'm pretty sure as Jenny who felt that I was gonna move, my cat "N" was feeling something and did the best he thought about it... It's weird I know ! But that's my feeling.
Animals are so sensitive about things !

Anyway, so that made me think about my teenage hood in the suburbs where I lived, and when we moved in a flat and my cat always flee to the old house which was like.. well, I don't know but really far from our new neighborhood !  


Hat from Urban Outfitters; Reason
Dress & Socks from Monki
Vintage thrifted in le Marais; Adidas bombers

Photo by Pierre de Reimpré




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