Monday, December 01, 2014

Make a wish. Take a train. Live and go. Then come back. And, do it again?


"But a: A thug changes and love changes
And best friends become strangers, word up"

Hi Dears! Yes I changed that much that even my playlist has been pimped and renewed...
That is so weird knowing that I was, or my ears were may I add; a rock addict: no really hip hop hater but not that far... Hun hun, now I have to admit I changed and grew , I should rather say; that I started to listen to Hip Hop music, (I mean it in general stuff that I wasn't able to listen to entire songs of that before...) and I think it is very much a good thing to enlighten and enlarge my hearing capacities !
From all rock roots, to blues, classical (mostly in Winter time - don't ask me why haha), country (mainly in summer time - still don't ask haha), and now some bit of US hip hop and even R'nb (omg this one I would neveeeer thought about earlier in time!

My teardrop gauge earring is from Pirate Piercing
My blush powder from &Other Stories (cf. Canvas Taupe)
Turtle Neck Knit Jumper from Zara
Boyfriend Low Waist from H&M
Burlington Socks from H&M
Adidas Stan Smith

Now I am aware and I know it's odd and perhaps more than only a few from you who dared to tell me what they think are: whether sad from the vintage going away and being that confirmed by this new playlist playing in my ears; or maybe only thinking that I am turning away from some interest I may had raised, but clearly let's be clear (redondance!): I am still the same.
You know why? It is not what apparel I choose or what social envelope I want to fit in that is changing me from the essence of my being...
No, I am still the same Harry Potter girl, who lives to laugh, who thinks a bit too much even for simple facts, who forgets her schedule (damn it Lorna) who wants to be back home before midnight and who chose to spend her B-day not in a big party where I could have hypothetically found a new lover, but rather stay with best friends speaking about anything and everything in a small restaurant where some Magician came to our table to do tricks! This I will always remain; in a 50s frock or in a pair of blue jeans.

But I believe that in a Life; you can live several ones. Just to build you up.
By the way, I had a very enjoyable Birthday thanks to everyone who had been there, and those who wished me a happy day on Insta !

I think it is one of the first times on the blog that you can see me with nearly "no" make up on ... 
Not too awful I hope! I like the fact that I "accept" my face when it's more resembling to what it is ; in real.

Oh and the outdoor outfit!
 (yes cause we do where a coat in Paris; those last week were warm but let's not extrapolate the temperature haha. And we do have a bag. Of course, we do.)
Coat H&M (it may be in sale now...)
Knot Bag from Zara

Photos by Gabrielle Malewski;
Hair, make up and Style by Lorna.
All right reserved, don't hesitate to contact for any request.



  1. Such pretty photos! You look great with almost no makeup on! I have been wearing less lately too.

  2. You are a very beautiful woman no matter what you wear or listen to...the magic always flows out from your insides!! Gorgeous xx

  3. awesome looks! great blog!
    following you hun!

  4. You know, I'm a firm believer that the more eclectic ones tastes in a given field and in life in general, the more we live, grow and evolve. It's awesome to experience new perspectives and discover a stone that we'd previously left unturned actually housed beneath it such a wealth of enjoyment.

    You are rocking (music pun to tie into this post related) these casual, uber cool looks to no end, my perpetually stylish friend.

    Huge hugs & so very many joyful holiday season wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. You look great!


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