Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pink Christmas.

Hi Dears !
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas ...
This is a quick , simple outfit post, just to remind that in Paris there is no snow and it's not so cold that I can even dare not to wear a scarf!
I had a very nice time with my family this year, it was a long time no see , and it feels like Christmas when there is some gathering like this.
I even opened my sock late but on Boxing Day with my aunt on Skype and tea time with my BFFs, a perfect christmas :)
& you ?

What I wear
My minimalistic shirt by Zara
Wool trousers by &Other Stories
Old Stans

Picture by Laetitia Petrelluzzi

Love for 2015 !


  1. Love the coat, great styling! Eszter

  2. Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas! It's been warm where I am too. Love the simple outfit!

  3. We were - save for some grungy banks hiding in the shadows or that lurking wayyyy up in the hills - snowless here this Christmas, too, though, Murphy's Law, we woke up to it yesterday morning on the 27th and its scarcely stopped falling since. Oh, unpredictable winter weather!!! :)

    The colours of this comfortable + chic outfit make me thing of the season a lot, which no doubt accounts in part for why I frequently sport them during the winter, too (often with red or pink thrown into the mix). You always make whatever you don look so lovely, dear Lorna. You're a true fashion muse through and through.

    I hope that you continue to have a stellar holiday season!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Lovely photos! No snow here either. Glad you had a good Christmas, mine was great, even though I was ill! x

  5. I really like your outfit and they way you edit them :-)

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  6. yay you're so beautiful <3 i'm loving your pants! looks so good! wow! <3 you're so beautiful ;)
    happy new year bby!

  7. Stylish, fashionable and attractive!
    Happy New Year!

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  8. really cool look <3

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