Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello Dears! Very proud to present you today my first entire series in co-modelling with Pauline Aufret, shot by Marion Colombani.
I've done the styling (clothing & hair on myself, as Pauline's hairstyle was already exactly what I attended it to be); it presents the minimalist style like I cherish it those days.
One in a very androgynous way and the other more feminine.
I would never stop thinking by being a woman you can do whatever you wanna do and have so much fun; fashion speaking.

You can link whatever story you want to this set... I for exemple was imagining we were a duet band, playing some electronic music haha; let your ideas flow!

Pauline's outfit:
Shirt and Basic Trousers from Zara
Flat pumps by Pull&Bear
Dress by COS (old)

My outfit:
Collarless shirt and Tartan trousers from Zara
Flat Pumps by &Other Stories
Turtle neck dress by American Apparel

Peace & Love to everyone;


  1. Wow! These pics are AMAZING. You are both incredible in this shooting :)


  2. Really wonderful photos, fantastically done all round! x

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    Belle journée,
    À bientôt!

  4. I like how simple, comfortable, and wonderful this looks all at the same time.

  5. You guys look incredibly cool. I love this, it's both mellow and beautiful at the same time.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe


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