Sunday, December 07, 2014

Cold Winter.

'No one knows what it means, but it's provocative'

Hello my Dears; I am so delighted that it's December ! I just a-do-re this month. Okay everyone guessed that it's all about Xmas right ?
So I know that in France most of us don't like that spirit beginning to be too much of a marketing product but seriously I just don't care, cause Jesus b-day or not, it is so my favorite celebration haha !
The tree, the biscuits, the warmth inside and cold outside, even the cup of tea tastes better in December ! And of course, the gathering - still when its number of attended people are going down with the years in your family , I know how it is... Christmas spirit still here and you can not escape its magic, haaaa love it.

 Yeah this me saying yummy to the fruits in front of me; btw; lol.

With my colleague Olivia (yes from the new store I work in!); we decided to pass through this little alley market where it was not at all Xmassy but to keep the magic going I will require you to imagine! Haha.
See like I'm feeling super funny and smiling these days... thinking : hoo what's gonna happen next ?
No well I have to say I am not always into a sorrow-mood, kind of i-always-think-about-the-world-general-issues all the time; I am also a very "living" soul !
But I know how smiles can hide problems underneath; well for the moment I feel just fine so let's keep it going shall we! ;)

About the look:

Maxi long cardigan from Zara
Maxi Jersey buttoned top from &Other Stories (I like to call it the astronaut PJs)
Monki Chekered Bermuda
Knee  High Socks from H&M
Adidas Superstar All White ordered on Schue
Oh and the Outdoor, as seen up above.

Oversized Coat from H&M
(Scarf Gift)
Wool Beanie & Rectangle Bag from &Other Stories
Fluffy inside Gloves from Urban Outf.

I may post something before Christmas but if I don't , as I'm not a freak-blogger, I wish you all a very merry Xmas folks! :*

 Pictures by Olivia K as Bergere Inrock


  1. I love this collection of photos, your style is amazing Lorna! I can't wait for Christmas either and I agree that everything really does taste better in December, even cups of tea!

    Have a lovely Christmas!
    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

  2. As a rule I don't tell people to smile, but girl, you are so beautiful when you do. I mean, you're beautiful anyway, but those photos of your where you're really grinning are so lovely.

  3. Super gorgeous look, dear ^_^



  4. I just love Christmas too! Hope you have a wonderful December!

  5. sweetie! you look wonderful, i wish i looked so good wearing that long coats. you look breath taking <3


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