Thursday, December 18, 2014

And my eyes are damp from the words you left.

Hi Dears;
It's weird I was really ready to talk to you about something , I got all mushy mushy those days and that sucked. Why ?
I don't know.
I mean I think "it's life you know!" haha aka Slughorn from HP6 of course.
No seriously I was like THAT happy, and when I started realizing I could get into it like... really into it: I just freaked out.
Am I normal ? Is that how normal people behave ?
I don't know.
I just know that I want to protect my heart from being in pain again.

This is clearly very personal and I dared to write about it. Why ?
 I don't know. 
I think most people browsing blogs will stop two seconds and think "oh I like this outfit or "no ; dislike" and will continue browsing. 
And the persons who read under the lines will know how it is having something in mind and could not really get over it.
I mean I have no problem with anybody right now, I must reassure you; the only matter is in head.
Questionning yourself. This is way too tiring. And speaking of being exhausted I went out at the Sailor Jerry Xmas Paris Party on Monday didn't stay long but was very nice and fun !
I invited my Best Friend Lena that you can see below with my crazy itsfuckinghothere head on the picture.
She never met any of my acquaintances and now it's done so that made me smile .

Beanie from Urban Outfitters
Oversized Silk Shirt & Trousers &Wool Maxi Long Cardigan
Old Stans

silly faces dressed like we are playing in a very dramatic play hahaha
Photoshoot by Thiblaut Chasta / Picture from Sailor Jerry Party by Ten Days in Paris


  1. Always, always share your soul here, if you feel so inclinded, sweetheart. One's blog should be a personal sanctuary. A place of joy and tears alike, where one is free to say whatever they please and to put as much thought and soul into their words as they do time into their outfits (or whatever else they post about). I might not spill absolutely all the beans, but I've never shied away from being open, personal, and frank on my blog and greatly appreciate and admire it when fellow bloggers do the same. It's important to show the world the more human side of yourself, too, not just the one that knows how to style an ensemble (lovely, of course as that is unto itself).

    Gentle hugs & the very merriest of holiday season wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. These photos are so lovely, I especially love the second one. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings, but certainly don't share them if you are not ready to :)

  3. I love reading the thoughts of fellow bloggers and certainly find myself more drawn towards those that share their thoughts alongside their outfits because it is such a wonderful thing to witness the link that you so often find between personality and style. All those details fill me with joy! I've found that even on the internet I can be rather shy with telling people how much their posts have meant to me at certain points (the words of others can be so comforting and I'm always finding wonderful encouragement on the pages of fellow bloggers) but this post has actually made me think how I really shouldn't be. If people can be brave enough to share their feelings then I should certainly be brave enough to praise the ones that leave me thinking!

    But yes, I'll stop rambling because I'll probably not make much sense if I carry on haha! I must just finish by telling you that your blog has been one of my favourites this year! :-)

    1. Oh yes please do not keep everything to yourself , as a matter of fact your comment made me so happy ! Thank you very much !
      Lots of love :*


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